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Energy Weekly | Another 10 billion yuan for NIO/ Tesla Model 3 made-in-China

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-06-04 14:28:18

Here is Energy Weekly report. We are committed to bring together all the topics and new launching vehicles in the new energy area. Last week, NIO signed a framework agreement with E-Town Capital. NIO will set up a new company “NIO China”, and E-Town Capital will invest RMB 10 billion in cash to acquire the non-controlling shareholders' equity of NIO CHINA. The MADE-IN-CHINA version of Tesla Model 3 began accepting reservations and is scheduled to be delivered within 6-10 months. Let's have a look at it.

The latest

NIO received another 10 billion yuan investment

On May 26, the second model of the NIO, NIO ES6 officially went offline. On the same day, NIO announced that it had signed a framework agreement with Beijing E-Town International Investment Development Co., Ltd. According to the agreement between NIO and E-Town Capital, NIO will set up a new company “NIO China” in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and provide specific business and assets to “NIO China”. E-Town Capital will invest RMB 10 billion in cash to acquire the non-controlling shareholders’ equity of NIO China. In addition, E-Town Capital will assist in the construction of the NIO China or introduce “a third party” to jointly build NIO China's advanced manufacturing base and produce second-generation platform models.

Editor: From the suspension of the Shanghai factory to the establishment of a production base in E-Town, the NIO took less than half a year. It seems that it is ready, and the 10 billion yuan is indeed a big deal. But compared to 10 billion yuan, I think the "E-Town Capital will assist NIO China to build or introduce third parties to jointly build NIO China's advanced manufacturing base" is even more imaginative.

If it is only to assist in construction, it is okay, but if a third party is introduced to build, who is this third party? The most suspected "third party" must be BAIC BJEV, then will this cooperation indicate that NIO is cooperating with BAIC Group? FAW Group has already cooperated with BYTON: not only has a strategic investment in BYTON, but even the second model that BYTON Nanjing plant will put into production is the HONGQI new energy model built by FAW Group based on BYTON platform. BAIC BJEV is currently the highest-selling pure electric brand in China. NIO is also a new energy vehicle company that is in full swing. Whether the two sides will cooperate, IIA will continue to focus on it.

To strengthen the layout of new energy industry, Evergrande acquired Protean

In order to strengthen the overall layout of the new energy industry, Evergrande New Energy acquired the industry-leading wheel motor company Protean on May 30th.  Protean has more than 150 patented technologies in a wide range of applications, including motors, inverters, and hub motors. It has more than 130 technical research experts worldwide. Its technical research and development results solve many industrial problems such as hub motor control, protection level and thermal management.

Editor: After the termination of cooperation with FF, Evergrande has established a more comprehensive layout in the field of new energy. It has successively invested in China Grand Auto, acquired NEVS and CENAT, and formed a new energy joint venture with Koenigsegg, and then acquired e-Traction. Evergrande has won important resources such as “double qualification”, vehicle manufacturing plant, battery+motor+electric-control system technology and marketing network. It can be said that Evergrande's layout in the automotive industry has been very perfect. Next, we can see whether Evergrande can play well in this game.

New Models

Ferrari SF90 Stradale, 0-100km/h in 2.5s

On May 29th, Ferrari officially released its first mass-produced plug-in hybrid model, the SF90 Stradale. The new car is powered by a 3.9T V8 petrol engine and three electric motors. The total output power is up to 736 kW (1000 hp), the pure electric cruising range is 25 km, and the 0-100 km/h acceleration time is only 2.5 seconds. The acceleration time of 0-200km/h is 6.7 seconds. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with RAC-E, and will provide four power modes for the driver to choose. In addition, the new car will be delivered in the summer of 2020.

Editor: Only 25km pure electric cruising range? I think I am going to pass that. Such a waste of my 50 dollars Ferrari coupon.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (made in china): starting from 328k yuan.

On May 31st, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus produced by Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory was officially accepted for sale at a price of 328,000 yuan. The Model 3 Standard Range Plus has an estimated cruising range of 460 kilometers and an estimated delivery time of 6 to 10 months. In addition, to ensure the user experience, Tesla also offers a new car warranty of 4 years or 80,000 km for the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, and a battery and drive unit warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km (with a battery capacity of at least 70%) .

Editor: The Model 3 made in China came earlier than expected, except that this version does not come standard with the basic assisted driving configuration. If this configuration is added, the price will rise to 355,800 yuan, which has no special advantage compared with the price of the imported version of 377,000 yuan.However, this price also gave Tesla a space for subsequent price cuts. In addition, people who are looking forward to the Long Range model and the All-Wheel Drive model may be disappointed. There is currently no Chinese production plan for these two models.

Denza Concept X made its debut, 2 versions: pure electric and plug-in hybrid

On June 1, DENZA published its new brand positioning and product trends at the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau International Auto Show. The new DENZA Concept X is designed by the Mercedes-Benz China Advanced Design Center, which eliminates the sharp edges and presents a full visual effect. The “Coke Bottle” body shape emphasizes its simple style, and the powerful wheel hub forms a visual contrast with the tightening waistline, making the new DENZA Concept X sporty.

BYD developed the battery, motor and electric control system. Meanwhile, the new car will also have pure electric edition and plug-in hybrid edition.

Editor: From the official information, the new car will be delivered in 2020. If the new car does not match BYD's powertrain configuration at the same time, but instead uses the current configuration, then I am still not optimistic about this new DENZA.

Editor:Bai Yunpeng