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From:Internet Info Agency 2019-06-21 17:47:37

The name JETTA carries too many memories, especially for the older generation, JETTA even represents a dream. But now with the rapid development of the automotive industry, JETTA has gradually become an entry-level sedan. Volkswagen established the JETTA sub-brand, and today's VS5 is the first model of the JETTA.

The JETTA VS5 is positioned as a compact SUV. Since JETTA is a sub-brand of the Volkswagen brand, VS5 is also from the most famous MQB platform. The craftsmanship and components of the body are entirely from the VW, especially the core components such as the engine, gearbox and chassis. This is also the most important selling point of VS5.The VS5 is powered by the Volkswagen EA211 high-power version with a maximum power of 110kW and a maximum torque of 250N·m. But the gearbox is unexpectedly the AQ250 6-speed automatic manual transmission from Aisin.

Although it is just an AT gearbox, its downshift speed is not slow, especially for the driver's intention. When the gearbox detects that the driver has an intent to accelerate, it will first drop one gear into standby.

The driver has a continuous acceleration action, and the gearbox will be directly reduced from 6th gear to 3rd gear or even 2nd gear. From the downshift to the speed increase, to the power transmission to the wheel, it responses very quickly, although not comparable to the dual clutch gearbox.

In addition to the gearbox, the chassis is also a surprise to me. The former McPherson rear multi-link independent suspension is already better than some models of the same class, and the chassis adjustment is what the Volkswagen brand is good at.

The designer of the JETTA VS5 is the chief designer of the Volkswagen model, so we can find commonality with the Volkswagen models in many elements of the exterior. For a new car, using a mature design can effectively increase consumer acceptance.

The full front of the car with a large area of the grid grille and headlights makes it look wider, and the yellow main body color makes this design not very tacky.

The configuration of the exterior of the body corresponds to the positioning of the JETTA VS5, which is actually not low. For example, the former far and near light uses LED light source, which alone can make it surpass most competitors.

According to the official explanation, the name of VS5 means: V for Volkswagen, S for SUV, and 5 for the family's sequence. The interior of the JETTA VS5 follows the consistent simplicity of the Volkswagen model, without too much fancy design, and everything is practical. From a functional perspective, this is understandable. But for the young people it targets, this design seems a bit too simple.

Automatic headlights, seat heating, power seat adjustment, ACC adaptive cruise and other conventional top-of-the-line models are available, which also shows JETTA's determination to open the market through VS5.

The storage space of the VS5 is extremely rich, and the location and size of each storage compartment are very convenient.

Summary: JETTA VS5 perfectly inherits the excellent genes of the Volkswagen models, and the shortcomings are also in the same line, especially the interior design is still very old, it is difficult to give people any freshness. At the product presentation meeting, the staff said that the price of VS5 is likely to be no more than 100,000 yuan. If the price is only within 100,000 yuan, it is really enough to surprise people with the performance of VS5.

Editor:Yu Xin