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Energy Weekly| NIO recalled ES8/ LEAP S01 to delivery

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-07-02 17:52:01

Here is Energy Weekly report. We are committed to bring together all the topics and new launching vehicles in the new energy area. Last week, the “white list” of NEV power batteries in the industry for nearly four years has been officially cancelled. And due to hidden danger of battery pack, NIO recalled some ES8 models. And let’s have a total look at it.

The Latest

  1. “White list” of power battery companies abolished, the Chinese power battery industry will be reshuffled

On June 24, IIA learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC (MIIT) that the "Regulations on the Standards of Automotive Power Battery Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulation") will be abolished from June 21, 2019. The first, second, third and fourth batches of enterprise catalogues meeting the conditions of the standards shall be abolished at the same time. This means that the “white list” of NEV power batteries in the industry for nearly four years has been officially cancelled.

Editor: The abolition of this "white list" will further accelerate the progress of Japanese and Korean battery giants re-entering China, and China's domestic power battery industry will also usher in a new round of competition. Under the challenge of internal and external, China's power battery companies will be under tremendous pressure, especially the battery companies currently in the second and third tiers. According to the current policy, China's NEV subsidy policy will be terminated by the end of 2020. In addition to higher requirements for power battery companies and OEMs, this has also cleared the way for overseas power battery brands to enter China. It is foreseeable that battery giants including Samsung SDI, LG Chem, and Panasonic will enter the Chinese market in the next two to three years. As more car companies accelerate their electrification strategies, new orders will no doubt be given priority to the leading companies, which will further deepen the Matthew effect.

  1. NIO recalled ES8, due to hidden danger of battery pack

On June 27, NIO announced that NIO would recall some NIO ES8 electric vehicles equipped with battery packs produced from April 2, 2018 to October 19, 2018. This recall affects 4,803 vehicles. The investigation has concluded that the battery packs in the vehicles involved were equipped with a module specification NEV-P50, and the voltage sampling cable harness in the module may be pressed by the upper cover of the module due to improper positioning. In extreme cases, the insulation on the pressed voltage sampling cable harness may wear out and cause a short circuit, creating a safety issue.

  1. LEAP MOTOR started the delivery

On June 28, LEAP S01 started the delivery of 10 units of Leap S01 380 Pro. It is understood that LEAP MOTOR has designated a full-process scheduling delivery plan covering pre-sales, deposit subscriptions, lock-and-sell production/logistics delivery, and car-on-board delivery for product delivery to ensure smooth delivery. At the same time, LEAP MOTOR will open at least 60 LEAP experience stores and service centers nationwide this year to further improve the offline delivery service network.

New Models

  1. Weltmeister EX5 400 Mate: RMB 139,800 with subsidy

On June 25th, Weltmeister Motors announced the launch of the EX5 400 Mate, which was priced at 139,800 yuan. The appearance of the EX5 400 Mate is basically the same as that of the regular version. The NEDC has a range of 400 kilometers. It is equipped with a smart interactive dynamic logo, a 12.3-inch full LCD digital panel, a 12.8-inch floating smart rotating screen, and a hidden doorr handle. 17-inch low-resistance rim and other configurations.

Editor: This new model replaces the previous Entry 300 model and becomes the new entry model for the Weltmeister EX5. From the configuration point of view, the new car lacks the Living Pilot assisted driving system compared to the 2.0 model, but other configurations are also superior, providing a more cost-effective choice for users who do not need the intelligent assisted driving system.

  1. Chery eQ1: 59,800-75,800 yuan with subsidy

On June 28th, Chery's new eQ1 was officially launched, and a total of three models were launched, with a price range of 59.8k-75.8k. The new eQ1 enhances the internal technology configuration, and adds mobile phone wireless charging, smart voice + 4GWIFI, panoramic sky and so on. In addition, the new car can also customize colors, rims, seats, headlights, calipers, keys and more.

Editor: As the best-selling segment of new energy vehicles, this year's new eQ1 has not changed in terms of power and battery life, but it has further strengthened its technology and personalization in the same price.

  1. Baojun E100: 49.8-59.8k yuan after subsidy

On June 28th, the new Baojun E100 was launched nationwide, and two models of Zhixing and Zhixiang editions were launched. The guide price was 49.8k-59.8k yuan. In addition, there are additional preferential policies for car purchases in July, and the price after the discount is 3.98-4.88 million yuan. TheIn terms of power, the new car is equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 28 kW and a battery pack with a capacity of 24 kWh, which provides a comprehensive cruising range of 260 km.

Editor:Bai Yunpeng