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China Auto Trending Hashtag| New Renault Captur/ GWM Russian dealer dispute

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-07-04 16:13:32

# New Renault Captur

On July 3, Renault and Dongfeng Renault unveiled their new small SUV Captur simultaneously. The new SUV is a redesigned model of the former Captur that has always been an import model in China.

Now the redesigned model is totally produced by Dongfeng Renault in China. As the 4th made-in-China model of Renault, the new SUV adopts a similar Chinese naming to the Kadjar and the Koleos. In terms of power, the Captur will be equipped with a 1.3T four-cylinder turbocharged engine.

#Great Wall Motor and Russian dealer dispute

On July 2, Great Wall Motors (GWM) issued a statement saying that it was reported that GWM was cheated by a Russian distributor by $58.4 million.

As the distributor was bankrupt, the Russian court rejected GWM’s appeal request. In the announcement released yesterday, GWM stated that for the dispute with Russian distributors, the bad debts have been accrued in 2017 of approximately RMB 323 million. There is no serious impact on the company's current performance, and it will not affect the current business in Russia.

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