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Human Horizons New Premium All-Electric Smart Brand: HiPhi

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-08-01 15:20:08

Unlike other start-up automakers, Human Horizons is a car company focused on smart transportation in the future. As early as last October, it launched a strategic blueprint for smart vehicle, smart transportation, and smart city. The IIA learned from the official that on July 31, Human Horizons officially released the new premium intelligent pure electric brand - HiPhi.

Not only that, but the first production model of Human Horizons was also launched at the press conference and named "HiPhi 1". The positioning of the new car is a luxury intelligent pure electric super SUV, which will be launched in the global high-end market. It is understood that the new car will be trial-produced in the second half of next year and will be put on the market in the first half of 2021.

Human Horizons believes that truly smart vehicles should act as nodes within cities connecting them to the wider world. As a node, the vehicle should seamlessly connect the internet, IoT (Internet of Things) and IoE (Internet of Energy) to build an integrated and dynamic ecosystem, making the vehicle itself more powerful.

Smart vehicles should provide a secured, open platform to allow mobile phone like applications to be created to improve user experience. This can be further enabled by the vehicle’s vast data sensing and acquisition capability.

Truly smart vehicles need to constantly learn to become more intelligent. After learning and understanding the needs of users and how systems operate, the vehicle will evolve to autonomously analyze the data, predict the future needs and create tailor made solutions.  Vehicles with the above-mentioned characteristics are more than just conventional transportation devices, they are true smart vehicles.

HiPhi 1 has outstanding capability to connect between cars, roads and cities. It has more than five hundred sensors, and will be the first production car with a 5G-V2X enabled communication network.

HiPhi 1 introduces the world's first Human Oriented Architecture (HOA), which is self-adaptive and learning to create diversified solutions that will enhance the user experience. Its “neural network” consists of 4 "super brain" domain controllers and 6 computing platforms (MPU, Micro Processing Unit), connected by 1G Ethernet providing a higher transmission rate than traditional CAN networks. The vehicle is able to analyze massive amounts of information and make decisions, utilizing cloud computing with a powerful data analysis engine, to build a truly intelligent and smart vehicle.

HiPhi 1 can evolve with its adaptability and self-learning algorithms. Through comprehensive perception and multi-dimensional understanding of users' habits, personalized solutions such as range management can be realized, creating a harmony between users, vehicles and the environment.

Human Horizons creates a new breed that realizes the true meaning of smart vehicles The new brand considers vehicles, roads and cities to create a unique breed of smart vehicle as demonstrated by the first production-ready prototype vehicle HiPhi 1.

Future smart vehicles should have three fundamental characteristics: a node within the city, connecting the vehicle to the world of IoT, IoE and Internet; a software-developer enabled platform, creating an environment of dynamic solutions; continuously self-learning and adapts to becoming more intelligent. 

It is a truly future-oriented product that goes beyond being a conventional transportation device, it is a true smart vehicle.  All new door system with a human-centric design for easy entry and exit with its three unlocking modes. 18 internal and external sensors accurately generate an understanding of the occupants and pedestrians. 

Each door is sensor-laden to control its opening and closing angles based on obstacles within its proximity. Asymmetrical instrument panel to maximize passenger space, 20 inch IMAX-inspired screen, equipped with seat ventilation, seat warming, seat massage and leg rest. 

In terms of power, HiPhi1's 200 kW motor and ultra-low drag coefficient can achieve 3.9 seconds of 0-100 km/h acceleration and more than 600 km of cruising range. At the same time, high-strength steel-aluminum body, intelligent air suspension, four-piston brake calipers, high-efficiency energy feedback energy-saving system, etc. have also become the standard configurations for the new model. 

Editor:Liu Nan