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China Auto Trending Hashtag| GAC Group Organizational Restructure/ HiPhi unveiled

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-08-01 16:35:41

1. GAC organizational restructure

According to the strategic development needs, Guangzhou Automobile Group has adjusted the executives’ organizations at headquarter and some investment enterprise. The adjustment will take effect on August 1, 2019.

The main personnel changes: Feng Xingya become the chairman of GAC New Energy. Liu Wei will also be the head of the Guangzhou Automobile Group's vehicle business division. Zhang Yuesai will be the general manager of GAC passenger cars. Yu Jun will also be the head of the GAC International Business Division, but no longer serves as the chairman of GAC New Energy and the general manager of GAC passenger cars. Hu Su will also be the head of the Data and Information Division of GAC Group.

This initiative will enhance the integrated operation of research, production operation and sales, and improve the efficiency of communication and coordination of GAC Group's own brand, so as to coordinate the resources of vehicle, auto parts, trade, financial resources with strategies.

2. HiPhi, Human Horizons’ premium all-electric smart brand

Human Horizons launches a premium all-electric smart brand, HiPhi, with the vision to change human mobility and define a new breed of vehicles. 

In addition, the first production-ready prototype vehicle, HiPhi 1, is revealed to the world and positioned as a premium supercar-inspired electric SUV which is targeted at the growing global high technology luxury market.

Human Horizons creates a new breed that realizes the true meaning of smart vehicles. The new brand considers vehicles, roads and cities to create a unqiue breed of smart vehicle as demonstrated by the first production-ready prototype vehicle HiPhi 1.

The new car will be trial-produced in the second half of 2020 and will be launched in the first half of 2021.

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