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China Auto Trending Hashtag| GM and Honda cooperate/ Haima and its affoliates form a new JV

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-08-05 16:23:29

1. Haima Motor and its affiliates form a joint venture

Recently, Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. and Haima Capital jointly invested and established a joint venture company, Qingyan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which has a registered capital of 200 million yuan. The main business scope is: new energy technology development; new energy vehicles and accessories technology Services; sales of auto parts, packaging materials, electronic products, electromechanical equipment, automobiles, etc.

According to a previous announcement issued by Haima, Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. invested 102 million yuan to hold 51% equity of Qingyan Technology; Haima (Shenzhen) Capital Management Co., Ltd. invested 98 million yuan to hold 49% equity of Qingyan Technology.

According to Haima Motor, the establishment of Qingyan Technology Joint Venture will effectively play the resource advantages of both parties in the field of new energy vehicle technology research and development and innovation technology investment, and will play a positive role in the technological innovation and sales increase of Haima Automobile's new energy products. It is conducive to the development of the company's future business.

2.  Expanding local production, Haval H9/F7x will be available for sale in Russia before the end of September

A few days ago, IIA learned from the Russian Satellite News Agency that Great Wall Motors will start selling H9 and F7x models in Russia before the end of the third quarter of 2019, and plans to start production in January and February.

On June 5 this year, the first overseas full-process vehicle manufacturer in China, the Tula factory in Russia, was officially completed and put into production. At the same time, Great Wall Motor's first "global car" Haval F7 was also off the assembly line overseas. As of the first half of the year, Great Wall Motor has added 27 new dealers in Russia and sold 1,180 Haval models in July. In order to further expand local production, Haval H9 and F7x will also be put into production.

3. GM and Honda cooperate to develop battery cell technology research

Recently, General Motors CEO Mary Barra announced that GM has cooperated with Honda in research and development of battery cells and other electric vehicle parts. Barra said that from an engineering design perspective, the cooperation will save a lot of money for GM and generate economies of scale.

In addition to the cooperation in parts and components, GM's auto-driving division, Cruise, has teamed up with Honda to develop an innovative self-driving vehicle to alleviate traffic congestion. GM said the new vehicles are positioned in the global market.GM clearly stated that it is willing to accept more partners in the future and conduct in-depth exchanges on new energy and automatic driving.

4. GAC passed two new energy investment plans

Recently, GAC announced that at the 22nd meeting of the fifth board of directors, two investment proposals for new energy vehicles were reviewed and approved, one on electric drive systems and the other on new energy auto industry parks. The two investments totaled 1.67 billion yuan.

GAC is stepping up efforts to lay out new energy vehicles. Earlier, it was stated that in 2019, Guangzhou Automobile Group should concentrate resources on building new energy vehicles and improving the technological advantages of new energy products. At the same time, GAC will promote the construction of GAC Intelligent Network New Energy Automobile Industrial Park, accelerate the implementation of mobility projects, establish a new energy network car platform, and transform from traditional automakers to transportation service providers.

Editor:Bai Yunpeng