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Nissan All-new BEV Concept to Unveil in Tokyo

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-10-22 13:48:23

IIA learned from Nissan that the pure electric concept car IMK will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 23. The new car showcases Nissan's future design, and its “Nissan Intelligent Mobility” highlights the city's zero-emission mobility philosophy.

The appearance and body proportion of the new car adopts the design philosophy of Nissan's “Timeless Japanese Futurism”. Its exterior adopts the traditional Japanese minimalist natural design style. The front end uses a signature "shield" V-motion grille to replace that of a fuel car.

In the design of the bumper, wheels, tires, windows, taillights, roof and roof spoiler of the new car, the new car draws on the streamlined form of the traditional Japanese decoration "Mizuhiki". The length, width and height of the new car are 3,434mm and 1,512mm, 1,644mm, respectively. The body color of the "red copper" manifests the overall texture. The roof is fully vitrified and looks very avant-garde.

The new car interior features a new space design with a luxurious lounge function. Bench-style seats with a braided-textured seat in the car, light-colored trim on the inside of the instrument panel and the door further add to the comfort of the passengers. The center console, the inside of the door and the steering wheel are all equipped with heavier "red copper" color, which increases the overall brightness of the car. In addition to the vehicle start button and the lever, the Nissan IMk BEV concept car has no physical buttons on the slim center console. Important driving information such as speed and navigation are displayed through a “floating” frameless prism.

The new car is equipped with the latest driver assistance technology. Drivers can drive in a variety of environments on highways, city roads, and parking lots. It is also equipped with a "ProPILOT Remote Intelligent Control Parking System" that can be operated by a smartphone, which can automatically drive a vehicle to find out a parking space.

What’s more, the Nissan IMk BEV concept car can also connect drivers with the Internet through the latest intelligent interconnectivity technology.

Editor:Wu Yin