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BYD Han has a drag coefficient of 0.233

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-12-18 11:53:19

BYD Han is a medium and large sedan, which is expected to be launched in June 2020. The IIA learned from BYD that the new Han completed wind tunnel testing at the Shanghai Automotive Wind Tunnel Center, and the result shows that the drag coefficient of the Han is only 0.233. Globally, there are currently no more than 10 mass-produced cars with a drag coefficient within 0.235.

This result is brought by its excellent appearance design. BYD Han has adopted a lower starting position of the front hatch and a contoured front face. After hitting the vehicle body, the airflow can be quickly attached and quickly flow backward. BYD Han has added concealed door handles and drop-shaped rear-view mirrors. The airflow can pass smoothly and quickly through the side of the car, reducing wind resistance caused by eddies.

BYD Han added aerodynamic separation design at the rear end. The sharper lines allow the airflow to fall off the body quickly at the rear of the car, avoiding turbulence at the rear and increasing wind resistance, achieving a smart combination of elegant shape and low wind resistance. In terms of power, BYD Han will be equipped with plug-in hybrid and pure electric power systems, and will be equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack.

Editor:Zhou Yue