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Audi: Dealers should upgrade during epidemic

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-02-21 11:38:43

On February 19, Audi dealers received a proposal letter from Wang Guoqing, deputy general manager of the Audi Sales Division. He mentioned: "After the epidemic, the auto market has seen a bottom-up growth or Entering the structural adjustment period of the survival of the fittest, the capabilities of dealers and employees will always be the core competitiveness. Therefore, we must improve ourselves during the epidemic period.

During the epidemic, Audi launched a number of initiatives including fund donations, dealer care, and user care, and will continue to update based on developments.

1. Donation

(1). Facing the rapidly developing epidemic, the shareholders of FAW-Volkswagen, together with their three major brands, Audi, Volkswagen and Jetta, donated to the regions where the epidemic occurred, and the cumulative donation amounted to 40 million yuan.

(2). The donated funds are mainly used to purchase medical supplies in Wuhan and other provinces, cities and regions with severe epidemic situation.

(3). FAW has also set up a special fund for epidemic prevention and control, and the Group has donated a total of 81 million yuan.

2. Caring for dealers

(1).Protect dealer employees

• The Audi brand always pays close attention to the health status of more than 500 dealer partners and employees' families across the country, and immediately issues guidelines for safe entry into the store during the epidemic period and instructions for prevention and control of the epidemic.

• Prepare anti-epidemic items such as masks, thermometers, and disinfectant solutions that meet standards in advance. All employees check their body temperature every day after they arrive at the store and wear standard masks. At the same time, reasonable arrangements for staff work, fewer meetings, and rapid online learning guidance for dealer partners.

(2). Support dealer operations: In the face of the current situation that dealer employees cannot go out to work, operating points cannot be opened on schedule, and the passenger flow has decreased sharply, the Audi Sales Division has formulated response plans based on the situation:

• Precise market analysis and lean sales management

• Adjust marketing strategies and innovate market advertising

• Strengthen support for channels to ensure channel stability.

• Upgrade services and deploy long-term and short-term measures

3. Caring for users

(1). During the epidemic, FAW-Volkswagen Audi adhered to its service responsibilities, actively fulfilled its responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control, and effectively ensured the user experience;

• Ensuring employees to work healthy;

• Daily disinfection and ventilation of exhibition halls and vehicles;

• Free disinfection for customers' vehicles, and deliver new vehicles after disinfection

(2). FAW-Volkswagen Audi provides comprehensive protection for every user.

• FAW-Volkswagen Audi will develop the user's epidemic prevention care transfer process and instruction video;

• Enjoy peace of mind without leaving home:

-Pick-up and delivery service

-Free evaluation of used cars online

-Online Car Finance Business

• Extension of product package contract

• 7 * 24 hours road rescue, user consultation and complaints.

• From now until February 29, book Audi designated models online and enjoy one year of free insurance

-Enjoy one year of free strong insurance

-After completing the write-off at an authorized Audi dealer, the 2020 RMB deposit can be used to fully deduct the purchase price.

4. Audi's care and courtesy for medical staff

To pay tribute to frontline medical workers fighting the epidemic, FAW-Volkswagen Audi will provide preferential car purchase policies, car support and service privileges to frontline anti-epidemic medical staff.

Editor:Zhou Yue

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