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Aiways U5 enters European market, using new sales model

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-03-04 15:12:33

Aiways was originally scheduled to announce the European version of the U5 officially entered the European market during the 2020 Geneva International Auto Show, and to release the shape of the battery electric smart coupe SUV U6 ion. Due to the outbreak of the novel crown pneumonia epidemic, the Geneva Motor Show originally scheduled to be held from March 3 to March 15 was cancelled on February 28.

After confirming the cancellation of the auto show, Fu Qiang, co-founder and president of Aiways made his voice at the first time. "The organizer has some problems in handling this event, but we still support the cancellation of the auto show," said Fu Qiang. "The cancellation of the auto show does not affect the sale of the Aiways U5 in Europe and the release of the shape of the U6 ion. We will show you in a new form. "

Aiways said that it supports the organizing committee's approach. Regardless of auto show activities or car manufacturing, safety always comes first. Although regrettable, the automotive industry will always respond positively. On March 3rd, Aiways chose to hold a special press conference in Stuttgart's partner studio in a special online live broadcast.

As an internationally-based intelligent new energy vehicle company, since its inception, Aiways has laid out a strategic plan for parallel development at home and abroad. With the launch of its first new generation quality SUV, the Aiways U5, in the domestic market, the European version of the U5 will also officially land in the European market this year.

IIA learned from Aiways that on March 3, the European U5 was officially sold to the European market and adopted a retail model different from the traditional dealer model to create an innovative direct sales model that allowed manufacturers to face users and provide new car sales. It can also meet the needs of users in the short or long term.

Mr. Fu said: "Today, we should have announced our new car at the Geneva Motor Show and our strategy in Europe. The Geneva Motor Show was the beginning of our entry into the European market. However, things have changed because of the epidemic, which has a bearing on China. Make a huge impact, and now even affect the world. "

"I came from China alone. This is a huge challenge and a very difficult decision." Of course, my first action when I arrived in Germany was to perform a health check. Since then, I have been using vlog to record my experience and share it with domestic friends, because Chinese media cannot come to Europe this time. This is my first time as a vlogger! It was a unique experience for me and everyone. "

Mr. Fu believes that cancelling the Geneva Motor Show is the right decision, but Aiways still regrets not being able to participate in this feast. That's why Aiways came to Stuttgart to host his own exhibition. In his opinion, this is a new starting point. "I am very pleased that we can still have such a stage to look to the future. We are Aiways! Europe, we are here!" Fu said.

Dr. Alexander Klose, Aiways' executive vice president in charge of overseas operations, said: "The time has come for the automotive industry to face challenges. Emerging automakers like Aiways are challenging tradition and starting a technological revolution. As Aiways U5 enters in Europe, we will be the first Chinese electric car brand to be introduced to Europe. To achieve this goal in less than three years is inseparable from the professional and dedicated contributions of all employees of Aiways. "

Aiways' sales model in Europe will open up U5's online purchase channels in all directions, making convenient online car purchase a new trend in the European market. "Based on a large amount of data analysis, we are constantly aware of the changes in the current market demand and the preferences of younger consumers", Dr. Alexander Klose emphasized, "At present, we will open the U5 market in Europe by leasing model. In the future, we will make a variety of car ownership methods that are suitable for users' consumption habits into consideration, including innovative direct sales models. "

U5 will be the first Chinese self-owned brand smart electric vehicle to be sold in Europe. This is a very important moment for the Chinese automotive industry. Aiways aims to prove that China's electric vehicles are the best. "In 2019, we conducted a test drive of 15,000 kilometers from China to Germany, which successfully proved the quality of U5," said Dr. Klose. " Our original plan was to sell U5 to consumers in Europe in April. However, the sudden emergence of a new coronavirus forced us to cancel this plan. Therefore, we will bring the European version U5 to European users as early as August. "

Aiways U5 is the current unique model of smart home electric vehicles, and also represents the world's advanced automotive technology today. The European version of U5 will adopt a retail model that is different from the traditional car dealership model, and create an innovative direct sales model in a way that faces users. From ordering to direct purchase, Aiways will cooperate with leading local retailers and service providers in a more flexible and convenient way to form an extensive channel layout in a short period of time.

The layout of Aiways in the European market will start as a lease. Dr. Klose revealed, "Although we are not yet sure what the monthly rent is, we can be sure that the value of a top U5 will be 40,000 euros and this does not include government subsidies. " "Smart cooperation" means that Aiways will provide users with a full-process car service.

The new sales model will simplify traditional car purchase methods as much as possible, and ensure the convenience of users' car use and after-sales service. Aiways Europe's official website has been officially launched. The website will provide basic U5 model data, test drive reservations and configuration information for selected models. Users can book cars online, choose time through the official website, and the products will be delivered to users by suppliers that provide rental services.

In order to facilitate maintenance and test drive, Aiways will also set up "partner showrooms" throughout Europe to provide users with higher quality services through low-cost inputs. For interested users, Aiways will also provide offline interaction and product test drive venues, establish cooperation with European electronics retail giant EURONICS, and display U5 through EURONICICS retail stores in major cities. Professional product experts provide users with the highest standards of service experience, while answering user-related questions about the product.

A EURONICS spokesperson said: "We are pleased to have this opportunity to become a partner with Aiways. EURONICS is considered by consumers as a trusted and experienced consultant. Our members and retailers in Germany are experts in all electronics and are They will soon become experts in electric vehicles. "

In terms of after-sales service, Aiways will also cooperate with A.T.U, Germany's leading automotive fast-repair chain, to provide users with a series of after-sales services such as convenient maintenance, road rescue and parts supply.

In order to ensure a perfect after-sales service experience for European customers, Aiways will establish cooperation with well-known local after-sales service providers, which can achieve a service network every ten kilometers, and a professional guidance team to systematically train and guide partners To ensure the formation of a comprehensive after-sales service system in the local area.

A.T.U spokesman said: "We will be Aiways' service provider, and we are very much looking forward to providing Aiways users with a range of services. Service partnerships in other regions will be announced before U5 launch this year.

At present, Aiways has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Germany's leading automotive fast repair chain ATU in Germany and Switzerland. Aiways will rely on ATU's comprehensive channel network in major European markets to provide users with vehicle maintenance, road rescue and A series of after-sales services such as parts supply. The specific details of the cooperation will be formulated by Aiways and A.T.U in the coming months. After-sales service partners in other European markets will be announced before the European version of the U5 is launched.

Editor:Sun Qi