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BMW unveils new logo

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-03-06 16:11:20

It is reported that with the release of the BMW i4 new pure electric concept car, the BMW Group's new logo also officially debuted. Compared with the previous version of the logo, the new one uses a 2D flat design, which removes the black background and looks more concise. Nevertheless, the theme of the new logo is "the blue sky and white fields in Bavaria". Bimmers can rest assured.

However, according to overseas media reports, in the future, BMW models may not use the new Logo, the main reason is that the transparent design on the white or blue body has poor visual effects.

Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President of BMW Customer Brands, said: "BMW is transforming into a new type of relationship brand. The new transparent and hollow logo design aims to exude more openness and clarity."

Looking back at the evolution of the BMW logo, we can see that the color of the logo is constantly changing, while the classic "blue sky and white fields" stay unchanged. The new logo adopts a transparent design, which makes the blue and white colors appear fuller, and it also tends to the current mobile phone APP icon design style.

Editor:Yang Zhihui

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