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"Chip Gate": What's wrong with Tesla Musk?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-03-19 17:01:19

Tesla's growth has been attracting attention. Recently, Tesla, which has never lacked attention, has once again become the focus. The issue of the Chinese Model 3 EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) List has pushed Tesla and its CEO Musk to the forefront. In the early days of the incident, Tesla officials responded promptly and properly handled it, but it calmed down and started to stir again. The reason behind this is worth pondering.

Prior to this, Tesla's achievements were obvious. Just in the past February, under the influence of the epidemic, the auto market entered a short "dormant period". Domestic car sales plummeted 78.5% year-on-year, of which new energy passenger vehicle wholesale sales were 11,000 units, down 77.7% year-on-year, a month-on-month decrease. 70%.

According to statistics, in the context of the overall cold car market, Tesla delivered a total of 3,958 new cars in the Chinese market in February, accounting for about 30% of the country's total new energy sales for the month.

On March 10th, Tesla welcomed its 1 millionth electric vehicle off the assembly line. From the delivery of the first electric vehicle Roadster in 2008, it took 12 years for the 1 millionth enterprise. Of course, it is inseparable from the majority of consumers to achieve such results, and it also proves that consumers love Tesla.

In the period of rising sales performance, Tesla encountered the problem of domestic Model 3 EIA. The company issued a statement promptly, acknowledged the facts and made an apology, and launched a free replacement service of HW3.0 chips for car owners.

It is reported that due to supply chain reasons, Tesla's China-made Model 3 HW3.0 has a supply problem. In order to deliver new cars to users as soon as possible, some models are equipped with HW2.5 chips. In addition, Tesla officials pointed out that at this stage, if the FSD function is not installed, there is basically no difference between the driving experience and the safety of using the HW2.5 Model 3 and HW3.0 Model 3 models.

What is the difference between HW2.5 and HW3.0?

From the perspective of computing power, HW3.0 is a new type of computing hardware specially developed for FSD. Its autonomous driving chip has an image processing capability of 2300 frames per second, while HW2.5 image processing capability is 110 frames per second. The difference is nearly 21 times.

In terms of cost, HW2.5 is a drive PX2 computing platform customized by Nvidia, and HW3.0 is a Tesla self-developed chip. The cost is 20% lower than the former. Pulling is no good. In addition, for the vehicle, the actual use experience is the key to the user. The difference in experience between the two is mainly reflected in the details such as whether the ice cream cone is displayed.

Communication is the key

With the launch of Tesla's free HW3.0 chip replacement service, the incident gradually subsided, and at this time a tweet from Musk once again pushed the attention to a higher level. It is this tweet that has caused misunderstanding between consumers and Musk. The understanding of the incident between the two parties is not in the same channel. Consumers' appeal is to solve the EIA checklist issues and attitudes. Musk is more pragmatic and his focus is on how to solve the problem. In terms of production and delivery, in his opinion, the mixed HW2.5 chip can improve the delivery speed and meet the consumer's car needs at an early date under the premise that there is basically no difference in driving experience and safety in use.

For a long time, Musk was not good at communication, and this feature was also confirmed in the Tesla brand. At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Tesla donated 5 million yuan to support the CDC and other institutions in responding to this epidemic. At the same time, Tesla China will also allocate a budget of 5 million yuan to subsidize the energy costs of free use of supercharging stations by car owners during the epidemic. But Tesla did not make any publicity about it, just post a few lines of words on social media.

Tesla is actively participating in the fight against the epidemic. Although it is somewhat inconsequential compared with the tens of millions of donations, Tesla is responsible for its social responsibility to contribute to the fight against the epidemic under the premise of its huge losses. .

Is this a fraud?

For the EIA checklist showing version 3.0 discrepancies, some people think that the configuration has been reduced and even interpreted as fraud. Does the incident constitute fraud due to reduced configuration?

Regarding this issue, legal professionals have previously explained that it is unlikely to constitute fraud.

The problem with Tesla is that it harms the consumer's right to know, and consumers should be informed in advance and the consumer should be given the option.


In retrospect, Tesla of the Model 3 EIA checklist made in China was blameless, but fortunately, it did not cause major damage to users. The company responded in a timely manner and made up for it. It apologized and launched HW3.0 as soon as possible chip upgrade service. At the same time, we also need to see the starting point of the company behind it, in order to resume work as soon as possible and put the vehicle into the hands of users as soon as possible to meet their car needs.

But this incident deserves deep reflection and lessons learned from Tesla. Due to the obvious increase in sales and the gradual increase in the number of users, it is even more important for a large company and its senior leaders to learn how to build good relationships with Chinese consumers communication.

At present, Tesla officials have begun to upgrade HW3.0 chips for the Model 3 involved, and hundreds of owners have completed upgrade services, and the number is still growing. For those who have not yet been notified, they will continue to communicate chip upgrade services in April. At the same time, Tesla officials have made it clear that all domestic Model 3s delivered in the future will be equipped with HW3.0 chips.

Editor:Zhou Yue