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Haval H5 will be upgraded

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-04-09 14:46:44

The H5, which was launched in 2010, is an SUV from the Haval brand, and now this product has reached the stage of upgrading. IIA recently obtained imaginary pictures of the suspected Haval's new generation of H5 from domestic social media. It can be seen that the car design is more futuristic, while retaining the hardcore and masculine atmosphere, which is more in line with the current trend.

As can be seen from the imaginary picture, Haval's new generation of H5 is expected to adopt a more futuristic shape, but it is not restricted to the Haval brand's family-style design language, which will give consumers a new visual experience. The front grille of the new car has an irregular rectangular design with three thick chrome trims inside. The headlight style is a round design commonly used in hardcore off-road vehicles, and the bottom bumper further highlights the car's hardcore temperament.

It has been 10 years since the launch of the current Harvard H5, and it has been difficult to attract the attention of young consumers. In comparison, the changes of Haval's new generation of H5 compared to the current models are earth-shaking.

As a veteran of the Haval brand, H5 has been launched as early as 2005. The predecessor of this model is the Great Wall Haval CUV (Car-Based Utility Vehicle). At that time, Great Wall Motor hoped to use this model to enhance the brand's professional off-road image. In fact, it is the Haval CUV that has opened the starting point of the Haval brand, and in the next 15 years, it will force the joint venture brand to become the SUV market sales champion.

However, because the car has not been upgraded for 10 years, the appearance and off-road configuration have been slightly outdated, resulting in the current monthly sales of Haval H5 in the hundreds of units. Haval is expected to reverse this decline by launching a new generation of H5. As can be seen from the exposure of the hypothetical map, Haval's new H5 is more in line with the current aesthetic standards, while still retaining a large number of elements of hardcore off-road vehicles, which also makes it appear more recognizable throughout the Haval brand.

In terms of engines, the two newly launched off-road vehicles of Great Wall Motor, Haval H9 and Great Wall Pao Off-road Edition, are equipped with GW4C20B 2.0T turbocharged engine and matched with 8AT gearbox. Therefore, it is speculated that the new Hover H5 will abandon the current Mitsubishi 2.0T engine and will be equipped with an independently developed 2.0T + 8AT powertrain on high-end models.

In terms of price, from the perspective of Haval products, the H5 is positioned as an entry-level off-road SUV, and there is also a higher-end Haval H9, so it is speculated that Haval's new H5 is expected to be adjusted accordingly according to the configuration, and the cost performance is expected to be further improved to attract more consumer attention.

For the Haval brand, since independence from Great Wall Motors in 2013, Land Rover and Jeep have been the targets for catching up. At the Haval H6 3 million car ceremony, Li Ruifeng, senior vice president and general manager of Great Wall Motor Sales Co., Ltd., said that in the future, the Haval brand will go global and become the first brand of "professional SUV".

At present, most self-owned brands are still vigorously researching and developing urban SUVs. It is difficult to find rivals other than BAIC BJ40 at the same level as Haval H5, but the latter also faces the problem of excessive prices. However, with the increasing maturity of the domestic off-road cultural atmosphere, off-road enthusiasts have reached millions, and many off-road players have a dream to travel around the world in a domestic off-road vehicle. Therefore, in this atmosphere, the market prospects of Haval's new generation of H5 will be great, and will help Haval become the first brand of "professional SUV". Let us wait and see.

Editor:Hou Minghao