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Why is WM?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-05-14 15:41:57

The first time I heard the name WM, I was a bit stunned. Could it be Weltmeister? It was later learned that WM is an electric car brand created by Shen Hui, an automotive industry tycoon, and some like-minded automotive technology elites, and the name was derived from Dr. Xu Huanxin. He studied in Germany in his early years and worked for many years in Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. Shen Hui, who has worked hard in the US auto industry for many years, is also very familiar with the German auto industry. It is a natural choice to invite Dr. Xu to join the team.

I have been involved in the automotive industry for many years. I have developed a habit of observing the frequency of various new cars on the road. When I saw two WMs passing by in a few minutes one day, I know that this car It should have stopped in Beijing. While making this judgment, it is also a kind of recognition and trust for Shen Hui to lead the team. The automobile industry is a capital-intensive and technology-intensive industry that requires a lot of capital and talent investment. Experience tells me that to observe the success of an automobile company, you must first understand who is operating the company. Only the right people can do the right thing. Shen Hui's WM is such a company.

This company is standing at the forefront of the wave of new forces in China to build cars. The data speaks, the cumulative delivery of WM EX5 in 2019 is 16,810 units (insured number), which is the champion of the annual delivery volume of the new car-making force. At the same time, as of the end of last year, WM accompanied users through 93.75% of prefecture-level cities in China, with a cumulative mileage of more than 200 million kilometers and cumulative free traffic for users exceeding 610,000 GB. Not only that, the "World Champion" has created long-term considerable value for users in multiple dimensions of technology research and development, user service, and innovative models, and rooted the image of "smart car number one strength" in the minds of customers. What excites everyone is that WM has recently released a new retail model of "Wima direct purchase", which is the first shot in this year's Chinese car market.

It is said that the auto market in 2019 is the worst year in the past ten years, but it may be the best year in the next ten years. Now it looks true! It is not only applicable to the automobile market, but also extended to the overall economy. For most brands, getting through 2019 is only the beginning, and continuing to struggle hard in 2020 and beyond is the challenge. But when Shen Hui saw the opportunity inside and embraced the tragic winter, it was the season of victory and spring. The shot of change must be fired and fired!

On May 10, the WM IMAGINE DAY "WM Imagination Day" cloud was released. The official announced that the famous singer Xiao Jingteng was the brand's number one strength spokesperson. WM's move gave Italy its strength to reinvent itself. New products are also coming, WM's first 7-series concept car, and WM EX5-Z "zero-touch intelligent interactive pure electric SUV"! WM also launched the "Mysterious Z Code" EX5-Z pre-launch on the official social platform, and launched a series of trendy single products that are fresh, fun, and dazzling.

Talk about my feelings. As the so-called unicorn always takes the lead, the strong faction has always been extremely focused. Watching WM walk along the way, from the first new car company to obtain pure electric car production qualification, to the first to have both SUV and car production qualifications, to the first to realize the mass production delivery plan as scheduled-WM gives the impression It is a step-by-step approach that is pragmatic, aggressive, and pragmatic. It is inevitable that a press conference is vigorous. Behind this excitement is WM and Shen Hui ’s courage to lead the marketing innovation again. It is the team ’s exploration and the transformation of the Internet wind. Image, so as to accurately grasp the "Pan Z" ethnic group defined by WM as they aim.

The changes of the times are unexpected, and only those who break through the existing pattern and vision are king! Today we see that WM is closely following the 5G era, accelerating the deep cultivation of artificial intelligence, and accelerating the transformation into a data-driven smart hardware company, also to meet the needs of the era and its own development. The future world is difficult to judge, but interconnection, intelligence, and have fun are definitely the general direction. A smart city full of "wisdom" is forming, and cars will undoubtedly serve as an important and high-frequency carrier that penetrates and interacts between species.

You ask me how about this wave of WM operation? As the old saying goes, ironing needs to be hard. It ’s good for celebrity endorsements, not to mention the circle press conference, and the Z-code marketing that I can’t understand but the new and new humans must like. I can see that WM has changed its inherent low-key in the competition of the top three in the “WWP” Attitude, pointed the finger at Tesla more sharply, which is very good! Vigorous and courageous, launching attacks in the attitude of a challenger, the strong do it.

Looking back, why is WM? Why is WM ranked 17th in the 2020 China Unicorn List TOP100 with a valuation of 41 billion yuan and ranked first in the automotive industry? Forbes China's Most Innovative Enterprise List "...... This is attributed to the human-oriented technology and inclusive values that WM respects. Safe and reliable, stable quality, excellent experience, and reasonable cost, such a product concept makes WM close by step by step and becomes the "low-key strength" it wants to become. Don’t forget WM ’s original intention and Shen Hui ’s original intention, which is to make every Chinese family feel the changes brought about by smart travel.

With the original intention unchanged, WM can't be wrong!

Editor:Li San