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Honda China cooperates with Tencent to upgrade network services

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-05-18 17:43:36

IIA received news from Honda China, Honda China and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, the two sides will integrate their respective technological advantages, and jointly explore the application of Tencent TAI ecological car networking solution on Honda vehicles, and create high-quality intelligence mobility experience with Chinese characteristics for Honda owners

Tencent's TAI 3.0 ecological car networking solution is the focus of this cooperation. The two parties will discuss the application of two in-vehicle apps in HAI vehicles in TAI 3.0. One is "Tencent Travel", an on-vehicle travel life assistant, and the other is "Tencent Listening", a one-stop integrated audio content application for Tencent's internal and external ecology, which brings users a more humane and intelligence mobility experience.

Yusuke Hasegawa, executive deputy general manager of Honda China, said: "Honda is actively pursuing open innovation with Chinese technology companies to accelerate technological upgrades in the field of IoV (Internet of Vehicles). As a leader in the Internet industry, Tencent has leading social ecology and digital technologies. Cooperation, integrate the respective technological advantages of both parties, and jointly explore the upgrade of automotive intelligent network to achieve seamless integration of users' daily social life scenarios and mobility. "

Zhong Xuedan, Vice President of Tencent Intelligence Mobility, said: "Honda has a deep consumer base in the Chinese market. Intelligent interconnectivity is becoming one of the core buying drivers for Chinese consumers. In the era of the outbreak of China’s unique mobile Internet, new generation consumers’ travelling demand is changing. We will use Tencent's accumulation in technology and ecology to jointly explore with Honda China the vehicle-based ecological service system suitable for the Chinese market, and help promote the development of Honda's localized digital strategy in China. "

Editor:Shi Rui