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Mazda CX-30, the first choice for young people

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-05-26 16:54:13

On April 17, Changan Mazda ’s silent announcement of the CX-30 preview photos to the recent release of the pre-sale price range of 129,900 yuan to 176,900 yuan. Like the Mazda brand, it is calm and self-confident. The product is great! Perhaps it is the reason for this calm mindset.

For Changan Mazda and even the entire Mazda China, the importance of CX-30 is far greater than SKYACTIV Axela, which was launched last year. The car is about to enter the small SUV market that Mazda has never really set foot in. The current popularity of this market is second only to compact cars and compact SUVs, and its importance is self-evident.

CX-30 can be a great success. For Mazda, its significance is far more than simply expanding its product array in China and boosting sales. The strategic significance of CX-30 is to help Mazda successfully survive the two to three year product gap, then smoothly welcome the debut of heavy flagship products.

At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Mazda released the CX-30 globally. As the second product of the next-generation product line, the CX-30 is similar in style to the CX-4 and focuses on cross-border. This also means that CX-30 is another heavy product created by Changan Mazda for the young consumer market and implementing Changan Mazda's "boutique car" strategy.

The CX-30 has a wheelbase of 2,655 mm and a length of 4,395 mm. It is a true small SUV, so the competitors are Honda XR-V and VEZEL, Toyota CH-R and IZOA, and Volkswagen T -Cross and TACQUA, Buick Encore, and the upcoming Peugeot 2008, and even the boutique Geely Binyue of its own brand.

Undoubtedly, the reason why the CX-30 can get great attention from users is still the design. KODO: Soul of motion 2.0 design language has become the second hottest Mazda keyword after the "SKYACTIV" technology brand. Through a minimalist design language, Mazda designers have created a topical soft surface for the CX-30. The "softness" of the sedan and the "rigidity" of the SUV are intertwined in one furnace, which has achieved the best design charm in the same class. No matter who the designer is, he can design a product like CX-30.

The design philosophy of "Less is more" is really simple and pure compared with the stacking interiors of many brands at this stage. Whether it is the delicate and slender central control screen in the cockpit, or the better materials and workmanship, the CX-30 can definitely give you enough visual and tactile satisfaction.

Make the advantages better and continue to evolve

Since SKYACTIV Axela, Changan Mazda has been keenly aware of the brutal competition of its peers. Changan Mazda adjusted its configuration strategy in time, which is more obvious on CX-30.

For example, the GVC system is upgraded to the GVC Plus version, which further improves the vehicle ’s cornering control performance, while further improving the vehicle ’s straightness stability, optimized driving effect, and further enhancing the driver ’s control confidence; The i-Activ AWD four-wheel drive system adds new functions of four-wheel vertical load detection on the basis of the front wheel slip warning detection system and torque control system, and cooperates with GVC Plus to further enhance traction and grip.

"Make the advantages better", in addition to control, there are also many highlights in terms of comfort. The sound insulation design of the "double-layer" structure is applied to the CX-30. The NVH sound insulation ability enhances the quality of the CX-30. The highly acclaimed ergonomic seat on SKYACTIV Axela and the upgraded version of i-Activsense intelligent safety assist system all improve the value of CX-30 without exception.

In the first quarter of 2020, Changan Mazda sold 22,200 vehicles, a 33% year-on-year decline, and was under a downward sales channel. In March this year, Mazda also said that it will not launch new models in the next three years. For Changan Mazda, which has a single product line and relies heavily on Axela sales, the launch of the CX-30 is obviously a "car of hope". Whether the CX-30 can be used as a big job is of course hopeful.

 Reason 1: From an external perspective, the market segment is far from saturated. Although the joint venture small SUV market is increasingly overlooked by Chinese consumers, the overall market share of the grade is not the best, but from the perspective of the small SUV market segment, this segment market opportunity still exists, and all brands are still For siege, CX-30 may not be able to come up later.

Reason two: The CX-30 product has a lot of bright spots and the core value of the product is clear. The CX-30 is full of freshness and fun. Compared with the "differentiation" of the same level, there are many reasons for buying.

Adhere to value marketing, but should think about "value itself"

The chairman of Mazda China Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. once said that Mazda has always adhered to the value marketing concept in value management and will continue to carry out value management in the future.

"Differential competition, take the personalized route of quality; always adhere to design and technology, at this cost at all costs; will never provide home models like other Japanese brands; will never cater to public users with extended body;" Changan Mazda's new president said.

But as far as the "value itself" is concerned, neither the rotor engine technology nor the SKYACTIV technology has caused much trouble. But as far as the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine that does not introduce compression ignition technology in the CX-30, although it has good thermal efficiency, in terms of "value", neither the rotor engine technology nor the Chuangchi blue sky technology, Can cause too many waves. At present, the 2.0L and 2.5L engines used by Mazda are surpassed by other manufacturers' turbocharged engines in terms of power and fuel performance.

Engine technology is the core selling point of the Mazda brand in the eyes of many people. At this stage, the most popular is the SKYACTIV-X engine. However, this engine has little to do with domestic consumers for the time being. The newly-launched Axela and the upcoming CX-30 still use the old SKYACTIV-G engine.

"If you are talented, diligence will make you more perfect", Mazda Mazda, the product is genius level, and its adherence to value, constantly optimizing technology and experience, is diligent. Complementing the value shortcomings of value marketing, CX-30 can further consolidate the existing advantages and consolidate the shortcomings of the power level under the premise of existing comprehensive product advantages. Obviously, the comprehensive product strength CX-30 has great potential.

The product is good enough, and it should match the excellent marketing strategy

Mazda does not fight a price war. For this reason, the price of Changan Mazda's products has always been very strong, which makes it difficult for price-sensitive consumers to raise too much consumer desire for Changan Mazda.

The CX-30 with a pre-sale price of 129,900 to 169,900 has been announced, and the user's recognition is obviously not much higher than that of Toyota and Honda.

Obviously, users need to be pleased, and no brand can break this rule. At the level of pricing and marketing, conveying the goodwill that is more easily accepted and understood by users may be needed by the current horse. In addition to the good products and the value recognized by users, the price recognition of users can also be superimposed. CX-30 may have more practical significance for Mazda.

If value marketing does not have enough value point support, everything will look pale. And there is no flexible marketing strategy to motivate users to build a reason to buy, obviously more artificial. For CX-30, the product is really good enough, the next thing to do is to consolidate and work hard.

Changan Mazda's domestic CX-30 is obviously a correct decision, and a good sales volume is the fundamental way to prove all "value marketing". For Mazda, which is a new "century brand" in 2020, and Changan Mazda, we are pleased with its perseverance in product value, but we must first survive to be able to adhere to our "willfulness."

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