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The last 18 legendary BMW i8s leave the factory

From:网通社 2020-06-28 13:36:35

On June 25th, German time, the last 18 BMW i8s of different colors exited the BMW Group Leipzig factory gate, and their owners are waiting for their arrival, which also marks the official withdrawal of this classic hybrid sports car from history. Since its launch in 2014, the BMW i8 has delivered a total of 20,500 vehicles, making it one of the most popular hybrid sports cars in the world.

The BMW i8 was originally planned to be officially suspended in mid-April of this year, but due to the epidemic, the factory was shut down, so the time for the suspension was forced to be delayed for two months. Hans-Peter Kemser, the head of the Leipzig plant responsible for the production of the BMW i8, said: "The process of manufacturing the i8 has given the BMW Group a unique experience in the production of lightweight structures, and it has also laid the foundation for all plug-in hybrid models currently owned by BMW. ."

It is reported that the last 18 BMW i8s have brought huge challenges to the production team at the Leipzig plant. Because these 18 BMW i8s are all private customized models, and they use a lot of car paint colors that have never been applied before. Spraying a large number of exterior parts with specified colors will make production and logistics work more complicated.

Hans-Peter Kemser said: "We have once again proved that BMW has the ability to meet the extremely high standards and personal requirements of customers with unique solutions and unparalleled technology. The production of the BMW i8 can end with this ending. We are all proud of it."

Editor:Xi Xiaolin