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Human Horizons and Microsoft cooperate on AI partner

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-07-13 14:24:21

On July 10, IIA learned from HiPhi that Human Horizons and Microsoft announced a strategic cooperation between the two parties at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 (WAIC 2020), relying on Microsoft's artificial intelligence technology to jointly develop the world's first active AI partner, HiPhiGo, on HiPhi, so as to provide users with a better mobility experience, while promoting the integration of AI and transportation industry innovation and development.

It is reported that the two parties are discussing the establishment of a joint intelligent computing laboratory, using intelligent cars as the carrier, to carry out in-depth cooperation in many fields such as smart and convenient transportation. Promote smart mobility and sustainable development of society through the development and application of forward-looking technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Wang Yongdong, dean of the Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Academy, said that the cooperation between Microsoft and Human Horizons has enabled artificial intelligence technology to have practical scenarios that can be transformed into real and effective productivity and play a greater application value. Microsoft and Human Horizons will work together to promote the widespread application of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in the field of automotive intelligence and even smart mobility, injecting new vitality into industrial upgrading and social sustainable development.

Ding Lei, Chairman of Human Horizons, said that this cooperation is a strong joint effort of top artificial intelligence companies and smart car companies. It is the first mass production of AI's leading technologies in the global automotive industry, and it has technological leadership in the world.

From the first smart car Gaohe HiPhi methodically advanced, to the world's first vehicle-road collaborative autonomous driving intelligent city road demonstration project opened in Yancheng, and then to the world's first vehicle-city integrated 5G driverless traffic operation model After successfully landing in Zhangjiang Future Park in Shanghai, Human Horizons is people-oriented, starting from humanized needs and creating "smart cars, smart and convenient transportation, and smart cities" through humanized wisdom. HiPhi, the first mass-produced car, will be trial-produced in small batches by the end of 2020 and will be released in 2021.

Editor:Shang Zhengang