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Renault CLIO has been sold over 15 million units worldwide

From:网通社 2020-08-28 14:36:08

IIA learned from Renault that since its debut in 1990, Renault Clio has become the world's best-selling model of the Renault Group. Over the past 30 years, the Renault Clio series has sold more than 15 million vehicles and has been rated as the French favorite model many times.

Since 2013, Renault Clio has risen to the ranks of the leaders in the European B-segment (small car) market. Today, the fifth-generation Renault Clio has a more modern style. In addition, the car also inherits the four advantages of the previous four generations of legendary models, such as borrowing technology from more advanced models, inheriting high standards of driving experience and comfort from Renault Clio 2, and adjusting the size as Clio 3 did, and continued the design Renault Clio 4.

New Renault Clio E-TECH

The new Renault Clio continues the tradition of Renault vehicles, perfectly adapts to the needs of the times in terms of safety, and has obtained the 5-star safety standard certification of Euro NCAP (The European New Car Assessment Program). In addition, Renault Clio also uses innovative E-TECH hybrid technology.

Editor:Shi Rui