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Geely executives are rotated, each in their place and their responsibilities

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-09-02 15:15:29

IIA learned from Geely that Feng Qingfeng will serve as director and global CEO of Lotus Group. He will be responsible for Lotus Group's global business and will no longer hold the position in Geely's marketing system. The marketing work of Geely and Geometry brands under his charge will be taken over by Lin Jie, Vice President of Geely Group.

At the beginning of 2020, Geely Group began its internal executive rotations. Feng Qingfeng moved from behind the technical scenes to the marketing front desk, responsible for the marketing of the Geely brand and Geometry brand, while Lin Jie turned to focus on the marketing of Lynk & Co.

After Feng Qingfeng took turns to Geely Automobile, he quickly opened up Geely Automobile's "R&D, production, and marketing" system. During the epidemic, Geely Auto's "research, production and sales" system quickly linked up to create the first healthy car with CN95 air conditioning filter. During the subsequent Chengdu Auto Show, Geely Automobile released the CMA super matrix. Based on the CMA super matrix, Geely Automobile clarified the future development direction and helped the Geely brand to transform into technological Geely.

With regard to Lynk & Co, under the leadership of Jie Lin's "All in" concept, Lynk & Co has carried out a new reorganization of its brand, channels and products. It has not only reached the milestone of the cumulative sales of 300,000 Lynk & Co brand, but also this year. In July, it set the highest monthly sales volume in the history of Lynk & Co. It can be said that Feng Qingfeng and Lin Jie have completed their phased missions during the half-year rotation, and it is reasonable to return to their respective positions.

In June 2018, Feng Qingfeng became CEO of Lotus Group. Lotus is a luxury high-performance automobile brand under Geely Holding Group. Geely has a long-term plan for Lotus. In order to accelerate the implementing of Lotus project, Geely After an overall assessment, the group decided to let Feng Qingfeng focus on the development of Lotus' global business.

This arrangement aims to accelerate Lotus' implementation from strategic planning, product development to production delivery, business model, and marketing. At the same time, Lotus can also form synergy with other brands within the group.

For Feng Qingfeng and Lin Jie, the work adjustment half a year ago belonged to the normal rotation within the group, and both of them also completed the phased mission.

However, the next phase of the task for the two is not easy. Geely's recent financial report revealed that it had lowered its annual target to 1.32 million vehicles. As of July, Geely's total sales volume was 636,000 vehicles, fulfilling 48.2% of the adjusted annual target. How to make good use of the opportunity of the market recovery in the second half of the year to further improve the sales performance of the Geely brand will be an important test facing Lin Jie. At the same time, the new crown epidemic continues to spread in China and abroad, and the globalization strategy and layout of all auto brands have been affected. Feng Qingfeng's next phase of work is also full of challenges.

Editor:Bai Yunpeng