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GAC establishes graphene battery company

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-09-14 13:08:42

It is reported that Guangzhou Automobile Group, together with Guangzhou Juwan Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Guangzhou Automobile Capital Co., Ltd., Huang Xiangdong and Pei Feng jointly established Guangzhou Juwan Technology Research Co., Ltd., which aims to accelerate the mass production and application of graphene super fast charging batteries .

Information shows that Guangzhou Juwan Technology Research Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 58.82 million yuan, and its business scope includes sales of graphite and carbon products, sales of graphene materials, sales of new ceramic materials, and sales of batteries. GAC Group holds 22.52% of the shares. Huang Xiangdong, former deputy general manager of GAC Group and the first president of GAC Research Institute, will serve as chairman of the new company, focusing on promoting technological changes in the fields of new energy and new materials.

In May of this year, GAC New Energy announced that the mass production of graphene super battery research and development work will move from the laboratory to the actual vehicle. The Aion series models are first equipped with graphene batteries. As early as 2014, GAC Group has started the research and development of graphene battery technology.

Based on graphene's excellent conductivity and special three-dimensional structure, GAC has developed a super-fast charging battery, which can be fully charged with 80% power in 8 minutes, can be charged for 10 minutes, and has a range of 200-300 kilometers. At present, GAC has preliminarily verified graphene technology from multiple levels of batteries, modules, and vehicles.

Editor:Bai Yunpeng