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SAIC MAXUS hydrogen-powered MPV unveiled

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-09-17 13:50:16

IIA learned from SAIC MAXUS that its new fuel cell vehicle, EUNIQ 7, is based on the G20 and is equipped with SAIC MAXUS’s third-generation hydrogen fuel cell system. The vehicle has a comprehensive cruising range of more than 600 kilometers and is expected to be officially launched at the end of 2020.

In terms of appearance, the overall shape of the EUNIQ 7 and G20 has not changed, only the blue trim is added to the front face to demonstrate its identity as a new energy vehicle. EUNIQ 7 is positioned as a high-end medium and large MPV. The new car is equipped with double-sided sliding doors and electric lift windows. At the rear, the new car is also consistent with the G20.

Inside the car, EUNIQ 7 is also consistent with the G20. The SUV-like overall layout, large-size central control screen and the application of full LCD instrumentation enhance the sense of technology of the whole car. At the same time, the new car adopts a knob-type shift mechanism, and the real-shot model also has sports and economic driving modes, and is equipped with double-sided electric sliding doors, lane keeping, and electric tailgate functions.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the third-generation hydrogen fuel cell system of SAIC MAXUS. Its hydrogen storage tank can be loaded with 6.4 kg of high-pressure hydrogen, and the filling time is only 3-5 minutes. The new car is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum power of 150 kilowatts. The combined NEDC operating conditions of the fuel cell system exceed 600 kilometers. According to the official introduction, the system can still operate at a low temperature of -30°C, using the waste heat of the stack for heating, and the mileage does not decrease at low temperatures.

Editor:Bai Yunpeng