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Beijing Hyundai: The fifth-generation Tucson is a revolutionary product

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-09-21 17:07:05

In order to change the traditional way of travel for consumers, to provide users with a more personalized, convenient and advanced car experience. As early as the end of 2019, Beijing Hyundai released a new technology brand-Smart + Strategy. This strategy includes three smart sectors: SMART+Clean, SMART+ Connected, and SMART+ Freedom.

Although the domestic auto market in 2020 will be impacted by COVID-19, Beijing Hyundai is still carrying out comprehensive product updates and iterations under the guidance of the Smart+ strategy. Among them, the tenth-generation Sonata of Beijing Hyundai's flagship sedan was officially launched in July 2020. The new generation of i-GMP platform, Sensuous Sportiness design concept, and the world's first CVVD (Continuously Variable Valve Duration) technology has also come to domestic consumers for the first time.

After that, Beijing Hyundai's 7th-generation Elantra also made its official debut not long ago. It plans to announce the pre-sale price at the Beijing Auto Show, which will open on September 26, and will formally go on sale in October. It is not difficult to see that Beijing Hyundai has begun to fully update its "global model" products to look like cars, but it has not yet shown a big move in the SUV camp. But don't worry, for Beijing Hyundai, the show has just begun.

On September 15, Hyundai Motor Group officially released the fifth-generation Tucson. In addition to adopting the latest design language and equipped with the latest technology of the group, this global model will also provide standard and long-wheelbase models according to different regional markets. A few days ago, Fan Jingtao, deputy general manager of Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd., said in an interview with IIA that the upcoming fifth-generation Tucson is of great significance to Beijing Hyundai and the development path of the corporate technology brand.

Regarding this new car, he said that the South Korean market will start the sales of the fifth-generation Tucson in late September, while for China, this product is expected to be introduced into the country next year, and the marketing team is also taking the time to prepare its marketing and sales. plan.

As one of the most important models of Beijing Hyundai and even Hyundai Group, the fifth-generation Tucson, as an SUV product, adopts the Sensuous Sportiness design concept and presents a distinctive design style. The optimization of the new generation i-GMP platform covers the body structure, chassis and powertrain, which can improve the vehicle's body attitude, collision safety, seating space, handling, economy, and power system.

Fan Jingtao also revealed in the interview that the fifth-generation Tucson put into production by Beijing Hyundai will continue to use the same CVVD technology as the tenth-generation Sonata. As Hyundai Motor's world's first CVVD technology, its advantage is that it breaks through a single fixed engine cycle mode. The engine can reasonably control the opening and closing time of the intake valve according to different vehicle conditions, and then adjust to a more suitable engine cycle, and finally reach a perfect combination of fuel efficiency and power.

At the same time, the voice recognition integrated control function adopted by the car for the first time, a series of car networking services such as the upgraded version of Bluelink, and the leading Hyundai SmartSense intelligent driving technology and other innovations have once again improved product strength and market competitiveness.

Fan Jingtao believes that the fifth-generation Tucson is a revolutionary product for Beijing Hyundai. There are obvious differences in appearance, interior design, technology, and configuration compared with competitors. He also hopes that, through the fifth-generation Tucson, consumers can experience Beijing Hyundai's strong powertrain technology and intelligent network technology.

In addition, judging from the 12 different power systems provided by the fifth-generation Tucson, Hyundai Group still has ample technical reserves. In the field of new energy, Hyundai Motor has a visionary layout and fruitful results. In 2017, with a sales figure of 240,000 units, it ranked second in global sales in the segment. Beijing Hyundai is also adhering to this technological advantage and is gradually introducing core electrification technologies into the country.

Since the launch of the first new energy vehicle in 2016, Beijing Hyundai has launched a variety of new energy products such as Encino BEV, Elantra PHEV, Festa BEV. It is the first joint venture quantitatively producing EV, HEV, and PHEV, becoming an automaker with the most complete layout of new energy products among joint ventures.

Fan Jingtao said: "Hyundai Motors has a strong technical reserve and product layout in the field of new energy, covering the four major technical fields of FCEV, PHEV, HEV, and EV. It is the most complete company in the global new energy layout." In the future, Beijing Hyundai Based on Hyundai's pure electric e-GMP platform and the world's leading new energy technology, more new energy products will be launched to strengthen the position of "the leader in the new energy field of joint ventures".

The Smart + strategy of taking products as the final technological result allows us to see the technological strength of Beijing Hyundai, and 2020 is the activation year of Beijing Hyundai's technology brand, and the brand image will be greatly improved.

First, the promotion of brand image is in all aspects. Brand power is a systematic system engineering. New products must have technical content and system capabilities.

Second, keep up with the trend of marketing, use short video, live broadcast and other methods to carry out innovative marketing to keep pace with the consumption habits of young people. Good technology and good products must be delivered to consumers and delivered to consumers through the media. Since last year, Beijing Hyundai has made its customers feel that Beijing Hyundai not only has excellent product design, but also has strong technical strength through offline carnival activities. Hyundai Motor's overseas brand strength is growing, and its technological capabilities are growing. Beijing Hyundai will also pass on to domestic consumers through offline experience activities.

Third, through the streamlining and optimization of channels, the profitability of dealers is guaranteed, and the digital upgrade and transformation of the exhibition hall will bring consumers a better product experience and service.

For Beijing Hyundai and even Hyundai Motor, the Tucson series models are all "explosive" products in the SUV field, and its cumulative global sales have exceeded 7 million units. Beijing Hyundai also introduced the first-generation Tucson to the Chinese market in 2005, and it was also the second SUV model put into production by the joint venture brand at that time. In the past ten years, the cumulative sales of Tucson series models in the Chinese market have also exceeded 1 million units.

With the arrival of the fifth-generation Tucson, Beijing Hyundai will also continue to deepen the "Smart + Strategy", applying the latest design language, a new generation of i-GMP platform and diversified power systems to SUV products, allowing more consumers feel the technical strength of the company.

Editor:Zhang Meng