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China-made Model 3 starts exporting to Europe

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-10-27 15:45:39

IIA learned from Tesla that the Chinese-made vehicles exported to Europe at the Tesla Super Factory Shanghai were held at the Tesla Super Factory Shanghai. The Model 3 made in China passed all certification requirements for entering the European market and was officially exported to more than ten European countries including Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland. High-quality smart electric vehicles made in China are accelerating their global presence.

The upgraded version of the Model 3 standard battery life exported to Europe is consistent with the models in the Chinese market. Thanks to the advantages of local production, Chinese consumers can enjoy Tesla products of the same quality at a better price. At the same time, Tesla actively cooperates with a group of top Chinese suppliers to further promote the innovation and development of the domestic new energy automobile industry chain.

At present, the Shanghai Super Factory has the ability to supply "Made in China" products to Europe while meeting the needs of the domestic market. In the future, Tesla will continue to take root and invest in the Chinese market, and will continue to improve its production, sales, after-sales and infrastructure construction in the Chinese market.

The front end of the Tesla Model 3 adopts a closed grille design. The headlights on both sides are sharp in shape. The internal LED light source is equipped with the following daytime running light belt. The lower bumper design is simpler, and the two side turn lights are equipped with The air intake design is very sporty. The rear of the car is short and compact, with a duck tail shape formed above the tail compartment. The LED light source tail lights on both sides of the car are blackened, which has a strong lineup characteristic after being lit.

The interior of this electric car looks simple. The three-spoke steering wheel inside the body is wrapped in leather. The large-size display in the central control area integrates all the controls in the car and supports OTA online system updates. In addition, the Model 3 air-conditioning outlet also uses a unique through-type shape.

Editor:Zhang Jingkai