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Hongqi is only 47,000 units short of annual sales target

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-11-04 16:10:53

Despite the impact of the epidemic this year, the domestic auto market is still hot. In the past October, many car companies announced sales data for October, and Hongqi is one of them.

IIA learned from Hongqi that the cumulative sales in October were 23,000 vehicles, an increase of 93% year-on-year, and the cumulative sales from January to October reached 153,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 103%. Such sales also made Hongqi the first second-tier luxury brand. In addition, the Hongqi brand only needs another 47,000 vehicles to complete the annual sales target of 200,000 vehicles.

In September, the cumulative monthly sales of the Hongqi brand reached 21,500 vehicles, an increase of 86% year-on-year, while the cumulative sales from January to September exceeded 130,000 vehicles.

From a product perspective, the Hongqi H5 and HS5 models acted as the pillars. The Hongqi H5 sold 7,399 units in September, and the cumulative sales from January to September were 44,067 units. Hongqi HS5 sales reached 10,186 units in September and exceeded 10,000 units for two consecutive months. Sales from January to September were 68,646 units.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Hongqi H9 has a cumulative order of 6,500 units in less than three months after its launch. In September, its bicycle sales were 2,501 units. It has become a dark horse in the market. As the production capacity of the Hongqi brand continues to rise, Hongqi H9's sales will still rise.

After entering October, the cumulative order of the Hongqi brand during the National Day holiday has reached 10,500 units. If the proud data is to pave the way for the second-tier luxury brand. With this momentum of development, the Hongqi brand delivered an excellent result of 23,000 vehicles throughout October, an increase of 93% year-on-year. Cumulative sales from January to October reached 153,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 103%.

Taking September data as a reference, the official sales of Hongqi brand in September were 21,500 units, which is higher than Lexus’s 20,090 units and lower than Cadillac’s 26,000 units, forming the latest version of the second-line luxury top three. Volvo sold 17,292 units in September, which has been lower than the Hongqi brand for five consecutive months.

On October 30, Hongqi officially announced its product plan for the next 10 years, which will build four series of products: L, S, H, and Q.

Among them, H6, new generation H5, HS9, HS6, HS3, L3, L1, LS7, LS3, LQ7, S5, MPV and other products are under planning. By 2030, Hongqi brand products will be expanded to 30 models.

Summary: The Hongqi brand has proved its strength with sales volume, and it is also the first time to rank among the second-tier luxury brands with sales volume. Such performance is the result of Hongqi's re-establishment of its brand image, product strategy and market positioning adjustment. As a Chinese luxury brand, Hongqi was able to achieve such excellent results in a short period of time, which also allowed the brand to complete a transformation.

Editor:Liao Haiwei