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What is the significance of Changan CS75 PLUS's double crash test?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-11-17 17:03:20

With the continuous development of the “new four modernizations” of automobiles, a strange phenomenon has appeared in the automobile industry. When manufacturers introduce a new car, they often use a strong stroke to introduce the intelligence and networking of the model. But the publicity of safety has been carried through. For more and more users who are concerned about car safety, they often don't know how to choose a safer car in the same class.

In particular, models under independent brands have been criticized by many consumers for their safety, durability, and fuel consumption performance over the years. But frankly speaking, after years of development, self-owned brands still have their own problems, but they have no less than joint venture models in terms of safety, durability and fuel consumption. For example, the Changan CS75 PLUS recently passed the first domestic "Double American Standard" car crash test to show consumers its excellent safety.

As we all know, due to the late start of the Chinese automobile market, the corresponding field of automobile crash testing is relatively lagging behind Europe, America and Japan. In such an environment, most models have received excellent ratings under domestic testing standards. It is difficult to distinguish who is better in terms of safety.

In order to challenge more stringent crash tests, Changan CS75 PLUS chose to challenge two crash tests in accordance with American test standards.

The first test is called the "27-degree impact test with a movable barrier on the side". It uses a mobile barrier vehicle at a speed of 62 km/h, which is higher than the speed of 50 km/h in a domestic side collision from a 27-degree angle. Hit the CS75 PLUS. The test results show that the head HIC of the front dummy is only 20, and the head HIC of the rear occupant is 63, and the general value exceeds 650 to have a greater probability of injury. This means that the injury risk of the front and rear dummy of the test car has reached the five-star standard, which shows the excellent safety performance of Changan CS75 PLUS.

On the basis of the first collision, a barrier car at a speed of 80 km/h was used to "rearse" the same stationary CS75 PLUS for the second test, namely the rear-end collision. Rear-end collision is the most common form of collision among all vehicle accidents. For rear-end collisions, there are two main situations that are the most serious. The first is that the fuel tank is damaged and the fuel leaks, and the vehicle has a risk of combustion. The second is that the living space between the A-pillar and the C-pillar is severely squeezed, and the personnel are stuck and cannot be rescued in time.

It can be seen from the test results that after the second collision, the body structure of Changan CS75 PLUS still remained quite intact. The biggest deformation of the car body was in the trunk area. The deformation did not touch the passenger compartment, and the rear door could be opened normally. The seat belt can still be easily lifted, and the occupants can escape normally. It can be seen that the safety of the Changan CS75 PLUS has withstood the test through severe serial collisions.

In addition to excellent passive safety performance, in terms of active safety, Changan CS75 PLUS is equipped with AEB active braking, parallel assist, 360° panoramic imaging and other intelligent safety technology configurations and L2 automatic driving assistance systems, and it is also fully standard Equipped with active safety function configurations such as traction control, electronic body stability, reversing radar, reversing imaging, uphill assistance, and fatigue driving monitoring reminder, it can prevent safety accidents to the greatest extent.

As the vanguard of Chinese auto brands, Changan CS75 PLUS can achieve such high crash results, which is inseparable from Changan Automobile's years of insistence on positive research and development, especially continuous large-scale investment in the field of automobile safety.

In 2011, Changan Automobile spent 200 million to build the Changan Collision Laboratory, and formed a strong development team led by several returned senior experts and dozens of senior engineers who have worked in the field of collision safety for more than 10 years. It has the world-class collision safety verification methods and capabilities.

In addition, Changan Automobile insists on investing 5% of its annual sales revenue in research and development. Today, the cumulative investment in research and development has reached nearly 100 billion yuan, covering 16 areas such as vibration and noise, collision safety, braking performance, chassis testing, and drive systems. In 2019, the Changan Automobile Global R&D Center with a total investment of 4.3 billion yuan was put into use, marking that Changan Automobile's R&D strength in the fields of automobile design, experimentation, and management has further risen to a higher level.

With continuous high investment, in 2012, Changan Yidong won the first C-NCAP “five-star” collision award in China. In 2013, Changan Ruicheng received the highest score of C-NCAP's own brand. In 2014, the CS75 surpassed the joint venture and The scores of imported cars broke the C-NCAP record and got the best score of 59 points at the time. In addition, Changan Yidong XT, CS55 and other models have also successively received C-NCAP five-star safety evaluations. In addition, the Changan CS75 PLUS is outstanding. Completed the "Double American Standard" public crash test. It is no exaggeration to say that Changan Automobile has always maintained a very good level of safety.

The downturn in the auto market in recent years and the "black swan" of the epidemic at the beginning of the year have brought unprecedented challenges to most car companies. In the face of adverse environmental factors, Changan Automobile has withstood the pressure and is actively transforming into an intelligent travel technology company. At the same time, it has always adhered to the concept of safety first and won the recognition of consumers and the market with its outstanding product competitiveness.

According to data, in October this year, the Changan Chinese brand car broke the monthly sales record of this year with 161,465 units, an increase of 30.5% year-on-year. The cumulative sales in the first 10 months reached 1,195,669 units, achieving sales growth for seven consecutive months. Among them, the October sales of the Changan CS75 series reached 30,963, a year-on-year increase of 22.9%, and the monthly sales exceeded 20,000 for seven consecutive months. Today, the Changan CS75 PLUS, which has withstood the rigorous American standard safety test, once again proves that its safety is trustworthy. It is believed that this can promote the sales of Changan CS75 series and even the entire Changan Automobile.