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The second VW ID.3 Dresden plant officially started operation

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-02-02 16:29:34

IIA learned that Volkswagen ID.3 officially rolled off the production line at Volkswagen’s Dresden plant and will soon be delivered to users. At present, Volkswagen’s Dresden plant has completed the reconstruction and expansion and officially started production of ID.3, becoming the second Volkswagen plant in the world to produce ID.3.

Volkswagen's Dresden plant is called the "transparent factory", which integrates production plants, tourist attractions, event venues, test laboratories and delivery centers. The Volkswagen Phaeton and Bentley Flying Spur were produced here. Today, this place will become "Home of the ID."

Volkswagen’s Dresden plant delivered 1,301 vehicles in 2019, 3296 vehicles in 2020, and is expected to reach 5,000 vehicles in 2021 and 9,700 vehicles in 2022. In the future, the Volkswagen Group's annual production of MEB models will reach 900,000. In addition to Volkswagen's Dresden plant, the other three plants capable of producing MEB models are located in Zwickau, Germany, Anting and Foshan, China.

Editor:Liu Anze