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How does redesigned Beijing Hyundai Tucson L reproduce highlight moment?

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-04-14 17:27:55

With the passage of time, changes in the domestic SUV market, especially the continuous rise of independent brands, put pressure on joint venture brands. At the same time, ultra-cost-effective pricing and ultra-high configuration have also become the "secret weapon" of family SUVs, and these full of allures were once the magic weapon of Beijing Hyundai. Nowadays, as the advantages are no longer obvious, the Beijing Hyundai brand has started a journey of technological upgrading and put a number of heavyweight models on the market, changing consumers' inherent impression of the Beijing Hyundai brand.

Since 2005, Tucson has witnessed the ups and downs of the Beijing Hyundai brand in the Chinese market. So far, its cumulative sales have exceeded 1.6 million units. It has become the main model in the Chinese SUV market, and its glory is gone forever. Today, the fifth-generation Tucson L is here. As Beijing Hyundai's first SUV built on the i-GMP platform, it has repositioned itself and set out again.

As we all know, the platform plays a vital role for each model, and the i-GMP platform adopted by Beijing Hyundai Tucson L can keep pace with platforms such as Volkswagen MQB and Toyota TNGA architecture. In today's standardization industry, having a good platform can not only improve the versatility of parts of different models, but also achieve the purpose of shortening the development cycle, reducing R&D and manufacturing costs, and increasing output.

The third-generation i-GMP platform of Beijing Hyundai Tucson L has optimized the design and reconfigured the car body frame structure, etc., which not only improved the body strength but also made light-weight adjustments to the vehicle. At the same time, it cooperated with the multiple frame structure of the engine compartment. And mobile control technology can effectively protect the occupants in the car in a collision. However, these changes are only a small part of the changes to Beijing Hyundai Tucson L, but these changes are also enough to let consumers see its sincerity.

MinChul Koo, head of Hyundai China Design

With a solid "foundation", tall buildings can rise on the ground, but how to attract consumers' attention can determine the future of Beijing Hyundai Tucson L. MinChul Koo, head of Hyundai China Design, said: "We are designing products with human emotions. In product design, we have added emotional elements that can move people's hearts. This is very important."

Beijing Hyundai Tucson L established the design characteristics of "Sensuous Sportiness" at the beginning of its design. Specifically, Beijing Hyundai Tucson L uses a parametric diamond front grille, which is similar to the triangular cutting process in gem cutting, so that the grille can achieve a dazzling effect under the light.

"Eagle Wing" LED hidden daytime running lights are one of the highlights of the new car. When the vehicle is turned off, it will be hidden in the front grille. When lit, the daytime running lights will show the front of the car. The visual effect of the winged version has a strong visual impact.

The side waistline of the car body and the sharp geometric angles give the car side a strong sense of movement, and the 19-inch two-color wheels further enhance the car's visual effect of sports.

In addition, Beijing Hyundai Tucson L has also undergone lengthening treatment, which has a wheelbase lengthened by 85 cm compared to the previous generation model, making the rear-seat space more comfortable. At the same time, the lengthened Beijing Hyundai Tucson L has more advantages than competing products, and these changes are exactly the results consumers want to see.

In the rear of the car, the "eagle claw" LED through-type taillights are definitely the biggest highlight of the rear. The parametric cut lines make the overall three-dimensional feeling stronger, and at the same time attract more consumers' attention.

In terms of interior, the new car is mainly concise and home-style, and creates a good home style, while the two large LCD screens create a good sense of technology and fashion, but unfortunately, the two sides of the central control screen are pre-designed. The black borders left are larger, which lowers the sense of quality and class in the car.

Although there are still shortcomings in the central control screen, the car-machine system adopts Baidu 3.0 intelligent network connection system and has been deeply optimized, which is more convenient for consumers to use. At the same time, this system also supports functions such as voice interaction, mobile phone interconnection and remote start. In terms of safety configuration, Beijing Hyundai Tucson L provides consumers with as many as 23 ADAS.

In addition to the above advantages, the biggest feature of Beijing Hyundai Tucson L is the space performance after the vehicle is lengthened, especially the head space and rear leg space of the rear passengers, which greatly increases the margin of vertical and horizontal space. In addition, the second row of seats can also be adjusted at a large angle to maximize the comfort of the rear passengers.

In terms of power, Beijing Hyundai Tucson L has also been fully evolved, equipped with the Smartstream third-generation powertrain system, and has Hyundai's CVVD continuously variable valve duration technology, which has a more balanced performance in power and fuel consumption. According to the official statement, the third-generation Smartstream powertrain has improved fuel economy by 5%, performance by 4%, and overall emissions savings of 12%.

Beijing Hyundai Tucson L has been improved in all aspects after a brand-new evolution. At the same time, we also take the familiar CR-V, RAV4, TAYRON and other models as competitors. Although the overall changes of Beijing Hyundai Tucson L are more obvious, the strength of competitors is still not to be underestimated. Especially in the price range of 170,000-200,000 yuan announced by Beijing Hyundai Tucson L before, the gap between it and competing products is not obvious. Obviously, the price reduction blow is not fatal enough. In addition, competitors also have the blessing of hybrid models. Therefore, it is not easy for Beijing Hyundai Tucson L to regain the throne of the compact home SUV market in the market.

Summary: After entering 2020, Beijing Hyundai brand is constantly seeking self-breakthrough. It has successively launched four new models of Festa BEV, 10th-generation Sonata, 7th-generation Elantra and brand-new ix35, gradually strengthening the product matrix. At the same time, the product strategy was re-defined in 2021. With the launch of Beijing Hyundai Tucson L, we believe that Beijing Hyundai brand will gradually enter a virtuous circle. At the same time, it can also be seen that Beijing Hyundai Tucson L will also undertake more to reinvigorate the brand's reputation and sales performance.

Editor:Zhao Chun