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Jetour: Continue to broaden the "Travel +" ecosystem

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-04-29 18:09:28

In recent years, many domestic automobile brands have been born. Whether it is a new force or a derivative of a traditional car company, they are trying every means to stand out in the crowd. Among this group of newcomers, Chery Jetour can be said to be young and promising. In only three years, it has successively launched a number of mass models, and the super high cost performance is impressive.

At this Shanghai Auto Show, IIA specially invited Li Xueyong, deputy general manager of Chery Holding Group Jetour and general manager of Jetour Marketing Center, for an interview. Mr. Li Xueyong said that Jetour will continue to focus on the travel market in the future, and at the same time strengthen the creation of the two major product labels of "smart and healthy", enrich the brand connotation, and strive to become an ecological leader of "Travel +".

IIA: Would you please tell us about last year's sales, including the sales in the first quarter of this year? 

Li Xueyong: It has only been three years since Chery Jetour was established. In 4 months of 2018, it achieved sales of 40,000 units, and achieved sales of 138,000 units in 2019. Last year, due to the impact of the epidemic, sales were 126,000 units. As of the end of last year, the accumulated sales volume of 300,000 units in 28 months was at the forefront of China's new cutting-edge SUV brands.

What is more gratifying in the first quarter of this year is that the sales performance reached 44,500 units. The industry growth rate is about 68%, Jetour's growth rate is 115%. On the whole, it is still cautiously optimistic. The growth of the auto market is not as fast as expected. I think it would be great if we can continue to grow slightly this year, and we should maintain a cautious and optimistic attitude.

IIA: The main models are the X70 and X90 series. These two cars have been recognized by so many consumers in such a young state. In addition to product competitiveness, what other points are there to attract users?

Li Xueyong: The reason why Jetour has been recognized by some consumers is that in addition to product competitiveness, I think there are the following three points, which Jetour has been working hard on.

Chery Jetour focuses on the "Travel +" market segment, and its products are mainly SUVs to satisfy users for better travel. Nowadays, the main purpose of many users buying cars is for family self-driving trips. Through user research and market feedback, we have strengthened our determination to adhere to the "Travel +" positioning, but how to create a "Travel +" product is also critical.

Second, in the human-computer interaction of the smart cockpit of the vehicle, the tourism ecosystem is grafted, and you can choose the surrounding attractions, relevant accommodation and other information when driving anywhere. We provide exclusive car-machine services on the vehicle travel and tourism module.

Third, real-time implementation of user rights and interests in the "Travel +" ecosystem. It forms a strategic alliance with Ctrip, Fangte, and Qunar. Users can enjoy VIP discounts and services with their driving permits. At present, more than 20,000 users in China have experienced relevant rights and interests, which brings convenience to travel.

This service is more recognized by users, and it does bring surprises to users. On the other hand, we call it the marketing that is closest to customers. At the overall online and offline marketing channel level, Jetour reached 320 online channels in 2018. In 2019, More than 400, Jetour has reached 410 first-level smart 4S stores, with a total network number of 1800+, which can effectively get close to users, whether it is sales or service outlets, except for western provinces, many areas have achieved a 50-kilometer service circle , Can be very close to users and serve users, and we have also done a lot of digital marketing, thousands of people and other intimate services online.

Chery Jetour is always creating the most pleasant user experience. In addition to the "Travel +" rights that have brought surprises to users just now, we also put forward the promise of free lifetime warranty for the whole vehicle, fan cultural festivals, clubs and other activities. At present, there are more than 37,000 fans participating in our activities, and there are more than 18,000 people at the Jetour Family Banquet.

During the epidemic last year, we upgraded the on-board fresh air system for free to more than 160,000 car owners. At the same time, we distributed more than 1 million masks to users during the epidemic. Users are also contributing suggestions for Jetour's research and development, and more than 50,000 people participated in the Chery forum. In short, these communications and interactions are truly understood by users, and we also hope to make users more enjoyable.

Through these methods, I think it has achieved relatively rapid development, which has promoted Jetour's sales of 300,000 vehicles in 28 months. However, we are still under great pressure, and the competition in the Chinese market is fierce. We hope to continue to build Jetour speed and provide users with better services.

IIA: The topic you have been talking about just now is "Travel +". This is also the biggest highlight of many consumers' recognition of the Jetour brand. Will this theme continue to the following theme promotion, including marketing promotion?

Li Xueyong: Yes, the "Travel +" positioning is the foundation of Chery Jetour's development. Both product development and marketing services are centered on this theme. Chery Group has a deep accumulation of technology and resources. There are more than 10 direct-operated campsites in Tuju campsites across the country, and there are about 60 or 70 stores including franchise stores. In this way, there are service outlets in many places where users travel by car, hoping to give everyone a fun and relaxed feeling.

IIA: Are there any highlights and new cars at the Jetour booth this time?

At this auto show, Chery Jetour brought X70 series products represented by Jetour X70 PLUS and Jetour X70 PLUS Zhuge Edition, and two star product series of X90 series represented by the new generation of Jetour X90 and Jetour X90 PLUS.

Jetour X70 PLUS Zhuge Edition is positioned as a "powerful car", with "smart" and "loyal" as the two core labels of the product, equipped with Qualcomm chips and the Tencent ecosystem, enabling users to "liberate mobile phones" and create advanced Jetour smart terminals for this work, I hope to be able to circle the younger generation of consumer groups with a smarter and more loyal companion.

At the smart level, the car-machine system of Jetour X70 PLUS Zhuge Edition is fully advanced, and the intelligent experience is greatly improved. All new cars are equipped with Bosch L2.5 level automatic driving functions as standard, a total of 16 ADAS upgrades, and DMS+OMS face recognition technology from SenseTime. The industry's first Qualcomm Snapdragon in-vehicle chip, 11nm process + 8 core architecture, brings super powerful computing power of 50000DMIPS. The new Tencent Autolink Smart Ecosystem is deeply integrated with WeChat, QQ Music, Tencent Navigation, Himalaya and other applications, and special attention is paid to the application of small program scenarios. Equipped with the HUAWEI HiCar system to achieve a smooth experience of multi-screen interaction between mobile phones and cars.

Jetour X70 PLUS Zhuge Edition builds an environmentally friendly, healthy and safe car, bringing more peace of mind to users. In terms of power, the whole system comes standard with 1.6TGDI + 7DCT golden power combination; in terms of safety, 75% high-strength steel cage body, 100 kilometers braking 36.5 meters, 360° panoramic image, 180° transparent chassis, safety performance is further enhanced; health In terms of selection, 118 kinds of healthy and environmentally friendly materials are selected, and a healthy and comfortable cockpit is created with CN95 safety air filter element + PM2.5 intelligent air purification + negative ion healthy fresh air system and 24 NVH silent acoustic package technologies.

The Jetour X90 PLUS plan will be officially launched in the second half of this year. It is based on the iPEL2.0 platform, adopts the 2.0 family design language, and is equipped with Chery's third-generation 2.0T engine. At the same time, it is also fully advanced in terms of intelligent ecology.

IIA: When talking about travel, I mentioned one point. First of all, intelligence, including maps and voice interaction, is very intelligent. Another point is to ensure health during travel. How does Jetour reflect on the topic of health?

Li Xueyong: First of all, Jetour builds products, ecosystems and service systems based on the "Travel +" positioning. This is Jetour's brand positioning. In terms of specific products, besides the mark of "Travel +", are there any other advantages? We think there are two aspects, one is intelligence and the other is health.

In terms of intelligence, Chery Jetour has in-depth cooperation with Tencent, Huawei, Qualcomm, Tsinghua University Suzhou Research Institute, etc., to integrate their superior resources to create a smart cockpit. Currently, it is relatively leading in domestic independent models, and has certain advantages in software and hardware.

In terms of healthy cars, the essential needs of cars are safety and health, and they are relatively easy to be neglected. Jetour is positioned as "Travel +". We hope that travel and tourism are healthy. We have jointly developed materials for healthy cars with Rheinland and Tsinghua University Suzhou Research Institute. With the establishment of standards, the current models on sale have adopted more than 118 environmentally friendly materials, and the battery radiation, NVH, etc. have been upgraded. Chery Jetour’s mission is to focus on the “Travel +” market segment and create smart cockpits and healthy cockpits.

IIA: Immediately after the auto show, the annual May Day Golden Week will be greeted. In fact, this year, because of last year’s epidemic, everyone is unable to travel and see more beautiful mountains and rivers. There may be more this year. Friends who choose to travel, those who choose to travel must not miss the Jetour X70 and X90 series models, including the Zhuge version of Jetour X70 PLUS, which can help you travel more conveniently and conveniently, and better experience the convenience of technology brought about by travel. Today’s time is limited. Thank you, Mr. Li for coming to our IIA live broadcast room.

Li Xueyong: Thank you!

Editor:Mao Kaiyue