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0-100km/h in 4 seconds,rival sports car, Roewe Marvel X Static Experience

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There is no doubt that everyone is familiar with the name MARVEL. However, this time, we are not going to talk about Marvel comics, but to talk about a car model with the same name as Marvel- Roewe Marvel X. Roewe Marvel X is a mid-to-high end new energy SUV launched by SAIC Roewe. Not a long time ago, the pre-sale price was also announced. There are three models for pre-sale: two-wheel drive top-of-the-line premium version, all-wheel drive top-of-the-line premium version and Marvel X pro super version. The pre-sale price after the national unified subsidy is 300,000-460,000 yuan. Certainly many consumers have complaints about the sale price. Let us take a look at what it really is. 

The model in the photoshoot is a Marvel X P1 stage vehicle. It differs in some respects from the final merchandise car. The final version will be optimized on this basis.

  1. How similar is the Roewe Marvel X to the concept car?

As a new energy model, the Roewe Marvel X has no difference in appearance from the normal petrol car. The air in-let grille still retains an open design (also can be closed) to ensure the heat dissipation of the battery pack. And it also avoids the impression of homogenization with other new energy vehicles and can convey the characteristics of the brand to consumers. 

In terms of appearance, Roewe Marvel X is based on the previous Vison-E concept car and has reached 90% of the concept car’s design. It is definitely the face of Roewe. The outer edges of the spread arc grille are all outlined by LEDs and connected to the light set, which will improve the recognition after being illuminated at night. In addition, the brand logo is equipped with a breathing light, which will produce brightness change when charging.

The light set adopts LED as the light source and is equipped with an adaptive opening function. It is very convenient to use. The internal Y-shaped headlight is inspired by the arrowhead and has a unique style.

There are many elements of super car in Roewe Marvel X, such as the forward-diving car head design and the coupe shape. All of those illustrate its unique sporty characteristic.

Roewe Marvel X adopts the double-edge guides, wind-guided shark grille, hidden door handle and low wind-resistance rear-view mirror, making the drag coefficient only 0.29Cd, much better than other models of the same class. 

Roewe Marvel X is equipped with Goodyear tires, the size of 235/45 R19. The style of the hub is kind of dynamic. It is reported that it is specially designed for Roewe Marvel X and it also contributes a lot in reducing the wind resistance. 

For consumers who are interested in buying new energy vehicles, the range and charging are important issues. The speed of charging and the length of the range all affect the consumer experience of a new energy vehicle, and therefore the auto companies are working hard to improve in these two aspects.

Among them, the drag coefficient of the vehicle has some kind of influence on daily driving. For new energy vehicles, whenever the drag coefficient is reduced by 0.02, it can increase about 10km of the range. It is of great significance and therefore Roewe Marvel X’s range is up to 500km, which is way more enough for usual long-distance self-drive tour.

In addition, in terms of charging, Roewe Marvel X can support 220V domestic power socket (requires converter). And in the quick-charging mode, you can charge 80% in 40 minutes, which is very fast.

Range is a topic that new energy vehicles can never avoid. Roewe Marvel X has a maximum range of up to 500km and supports 220V household charging. It can charge up to 80% in only 40 minutes.

In terms of the vehicle body color, Roewe Marvel X also prefers think outside the box. Klein blue is used as its main color. And under the different lighting, the auto body color will change between blue and purple with excellent visual effect.

Nowadays, the new energy vehicles are conservative in terms of the auto body color. Majority of them use the ordinary white as the main color, which is slightly dull. Consumers have no choice but to lose their own personality. Roewe Marvel X uses Klein Blue as its main color. If you fell that Klein Blue is way too extra, you can also choose pearl white, silver leaf gold, pearl black and ruby red.

The tail design is also very impressive with a horizontal stretch of lines, pretty layered. With the waist design and the guide, the dynamic characteristics of the Roewe Marvel is highlighted. 

  1. Signature AI Interior

Roewe Marvel X is equipped with an all-around intelligent welcome system. When the driver approaches the car with the  key, the front grille light and the welcome mirror light will be lightened automatically and the hidden door handles will open itself. When the driver enters the car, the seat will be automatically adjusted to the last memory position and the welcome of the ZEBRA voice will appear too, realizing the interaction between the people and the vehicle. 

In terms of interior design, Marvel X wants to create a smart-luxurious atmosphere. Therefore, the internal center console ad door panels are wrapped in leather. All the functional configures are concentrated in the 19.4-inch integrated central console display.

Roewe Marvel X has the design of two-spoke steering wheel. The steering wheel feels generous in the hands. And the multi-function buttons and the lower part of the steering wheel are decorated with titanium silver, very exquisite. In addition, in the production car, the Marvel X logo in the bottom part will be painted in black. It gives a better visual effect.

Roewe Marvel X is equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel. Based on AR virtual technology, the integration of navigation and reality can make drivers feel more intuitive.

Slim Air conditioner adopts the concealed design, and the wind speed and the wind direction can be adjusted in the center console touch screen. The whole part looks quite simple. In addition, the air conditioner can intelligently adjust the air blowing direction according to the temperature.

The internal center console touch screen is very eye-catching. On the one hand, 19.4 inch screen is quite attractive. On the other hand, Roewe Marvel X is equipped with the Internet Vehicle Smart System3.0 – Zebra smart driving solution based on AliOS.

AliOS is one of the highlights of SAIC Roewe’s vehicle network, especially its high voice recognition rate (supporting Cantonese), which solves the problem of inconvenient blind operation using a touch screen in daily driving. In addition, to facilitate the use of the driver, after the upgrade the system is optimized for the UI, navigation, intelligent remote etc.

In terms of daily driving, Roewe Marvel X is also equipped with AI PILOT intelligent driving system. There are multiple radars and HQ cameras all around the auto body to enable intelligent driving.

AI Pilot intelligent driving system is divided into 3 parts: AI Parking, AI Cruise and All-time Safety. 

AI Cruise could be activated by only 3 flips of the switch. By following the driving route of the proceeding vehicle, it can automatically go straight, make the turn, speed up and down and brake. 

AI Safety consists of ten safety assist systems, such as Lane Departure Correction, , Automatic Emergency Braking, Rearview Mirror Blind Spot Monitoring and Opening Warning etc. It plays an important role in safety protection in different ways. 

Nowadays, panoramic sunroof is fully common. And Roewe Marvel X is no exception. Its big panoramic sunroof can offer a better natural lighting and consumers are willing to pay for that.

Not only the design of auto body has the style of supercars, but the seats adopt the excellent integrated design, covered in Nappa leather.  In addition, the consumers can also choose the Italy imported Alcantara leather.

In terms of interior space utilization, Roewe Marvel X has done pretty well too. Especially the storage compartment below the center console screen is very roomy. And other compartments have been settled reasonably as well.

Speaking of the representative new energy car mode, you may think of Tesla Model X spontaneously. While the Roewe Marvel X, that we are talking about, could rival Tesla in different ways and the price doesn’t reach the half of Model X. And the whole Roewe Marvel X lines are equipped with the above six luxurious configurations and six high-tech configurations and the all-wheel type could reach 100 km/h in just 4 seconds. If you are interested in purchase, it’s highly suggested to stay tuned for this car.

Editor:Danwen Yao