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SAIC Audi Progressing step by step, expected to adopt multi-channel sales

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-08-17 08:51:55

In July 25, it is reported that SAIC has confirmed the establishment of Audi Business Development Department. Mingdi Jia, SAIC Sales and Marketing Executive Deputy General Manager, General Manager of SAIC Motor Sales Co., Ltd, will be in charge of Audi BD department.

This is also the latest update of SAIC Audi Program. With more information being released, SAIC Audi has putted every effort into it, as well. Before it, Yongxin Guo, GM of Audi China, told INA that SAIC Audi has progressed step by step according to the order of Model Planning, Production Program, Sales Planning and Distribution Decision.

The Pace of the progress of SAIC Audi Program

As Wei said, the first step of SAIC Audi is to determine which vehicles model will be putted into production. And then it should be the planning of a production program. “In terms of the production program, SAIC Audi will rely on the production system of SAIC in the future.”, said by Wei. The equity holding of SAIC has been changed in June 14.  One per cent of SAIC’s equity was transferred to Audi Auto. In accordance with the current laws and the industrial policies, SAIC is qualified in the production and sales of Audi products, laying the groundwork for the first product development and production prep of SAIC Audi Program.

The following is the sales planning and the sales distribution decision. SAIC Audi may adopt multi-channel sales distribution. “The cooperation with Audi would not be operated in an old way. With a innovative idea, there will be a brand new platform for intelligent driving, digital marketing and service. We will make the best of Audi existing offline resource to meet the demands of customers for continuous improvement in various aspects.”, said Chen Hong, Chairman of SAIC.

In addition, for the construction of traditional dealers network, dealers, Audi, FAW Audi and SAIC Audi have made an agreement to establish a sales company. Wei has reiterated that, in order to avoid the Audi partners’ network competition, they will use the same sales company and the same distribution network. In the future, a joint-venture sales company will sell FAW Audi products, SAIC Audi products and the products of the imported vehicles.

Some relevant individuals also think that in order to get the marketing right, SAIC AUDI BD will adopt a new retailing mode, “online trade, offline delivery”, which is different from the current mode by traditional authorized dealers. The vehicles may be delivered by the experience center or the existing FAW Audi dealers.

Editor:Wang Jingya