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Energy Weekly – Two more domestic new energy brand: GYON&JINGUO (SF MOTORS)

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-08-15 13:26:59

We receive numerous messages every day, while there are only a few of them which are really useful. As a pre-owner who possesses an indicator of new energy vehicle, if we miss the new launching car, what are we going to do? As a new energy vehicle owner, if we miss the newest preferential policy of new energy vehicle, what shall we do? Based on that, INA officially launches a new channel - Energy Weekly. You will get the hottest news in the area of new energy and the information about the brand new launching vehicles etc. You will never miss any hot topic of new energy.

Last week, the intelligent EV manufacturer in Silicon Valley, SF MOTORS, launched its Chinese brand officially. SITECH DEV, which was found only 10 months ago, is also going to invest in a high-end pure electric vehicle brand. In the Chinese new energy vehicle market, there will be 2 more new brands. Besides that, what’s more about new energy? Let’s have a look at it.

1.    SITECH invests high-end pure EV brand – GYON

SITECH was founded in September 2017. It is still a new brand among all the new automotive manufacturers since it was less than 1 year after launch. However, it is surprising that SITECH has grown so fast. After launching 10 months later, SITECH has become the partner of  FAW and MOBIKE, two well-known companies. The first model DEV1, which is jointly developed by SITECH and FAW, has been released in April and is going to hit the market formally on August 30.

While progressing steadily, SITECH also invests a new high-end luxury automotive brand, GYON. GYON will be officially launched on August 8 in LA, USA. It is said that GYON will focus on the high-end market, and develop intelligent pure electric vehicles with great performance and automatic driving system. The first vehicle model will be released in 2019  CES. The range of new car reaches up to 580km and it will adopt G-OS intelligent vehicle operating system.

Editor: The dual-brand strategy is quite common in traditional automotive companies but not the same as the new automotive companies. After launching the GYON on August 8, SITECH will become the first dual-brand intelligent electric vehicle company among all emerging Chinese automotive manufacturers.

2.    The Chinese name of SF MOTOR has been decided. The first car will be delivered in the third quarter of 2019.


On July 25, the intelligent EV manufacturer in Silicon Valley, SF MOTORS launched its Chinese brand name. And SF MOTORS has announced that the intelligent factory based in Chongqing China will have pre-production in September. The first SUV, SF 5,  produced by this factory will be able to be reserved next March, and will be launched in the third quarter of 2019 with batch delivery.

Editor: Compared to other more active and popular new automotive manufacturers, SF MOTORS, which is invested by SOKON and is built in Silicon Valley, prefers to keep a low key. The launching of SF MOTORS in China and the release of the process of the new car indicates that SF MOTORS is ready to compete with many domestic new energy brands.

3.    HOZON AUTO mid-term strategy: 3 years, 3 vehicles, 100k units.

On July 26, HOZON AUTO held the conference of medium-term strategy in Wuzhen, Jiaxing. Chairman of HOZON AUTO announced Archimedes Plan 1.0 officially. In Archimedes Plan, TECH will be adopted as the fulcrum of HOZON AUTO to develop the huge market of Future Mobility in conjunction with the collection of hardware, software, and service.

Archimedes Plan covers the whole Mobility Eco System including the product planning, complete vehicle technology, intelligent system, service and the sales. In terms of the product planning, HOZON AUTO will launch 3 models based on the two platform in the next 3 years. Meanwhile, Zhang Yong said, “HOZON AUTO plans to reach 100k units of sales in 2020, trying hard to rank the top 10 among the Chinese new energy vehicle companies.”

Editor: From producing one vehicle, getting a trademark, and building a factory to producing 100k units within 3 years, HOZON AUTO has grown strongly. The announcement of Archimedes Plan shows the comprehensive distribution for the new phase of HOZON AUTO. However, it all depends on the product itself. The first model of NETA, N01 will be launched in August. By then, we will see how it goes in the new energy market.

New products

1.    Chery eQ1 ANT 400 subsidized price: RMB 59.8k-69.8k

On July 24, Chery eQ1 ANT 400 was officially announced. It has a two-seat version and 4-seat version, with a total of 4 models. The subsidized price range will be RMB 59.8k-69.8k. Chery eQ1 ANT is a new energy vehicle of A00 Class of Chery Auto, based on the all-aluminum Light Weight Structure. The brand new eQ1 ANT 400 will have a full upgrade in the term of safety and intelligent connection. And in the meantime, it will be equipped with a high-capacity 38kWh ternary lithium battery. The range under the comprehensive status is up to 301km and the maximum range is up to 410km.

With the new subsidy policy, it is essential for small EV to get the subsidy by launching the vehicle models with longer range . The increase in range means more practicality for small EV and the expanding applicable scenes. Even in those license-restrict cities, they will not be considered as “The Occupier” anymore.

2.    LYNK&CO 01 PHEV subsidized price: RMB 192.8k-229.8k 

On July 27, LYNK&CO 01 PHEV was launched formally with a total of 3 models. The price is RMB 232.8k-262.8k. After subsidies, the national uniform price is RMB 199.8k-229.8k. As the first PHEV model of LYNK&CO, LYNK&CO PHEV 01 adopts the high-performance plug-in power system consisting of Drive-E 1.5T engine and Siemens motor along with the maximum output power of 192kW, 0-100km/h in 7.3 seconds and the lowest fuel consumption of 1.7L per 100km.

Editor: As the first LYNK&CO new energy vehicle, the subsidized price of LYNK&CO 01 PHEV is competitive. The price of LYNK&CO 01 PHEV is pretty the same as the price of Gasoline version, but with the lower fuel consumption and better driving experience.  And, more importantly, in some plate-restrict cities, LYNK&CO 01 PHEV could get the plate directly, saving the cost of plates at auction.

3.    NETA N01, launch in August

On June 27, the first model of NETA AUTO – NETA N01 was launched officially in HOZON AUTO TONGXIANG intelligent R&D. NETA N01 is a pure electric sub-compact SUV. The style of the Cross has been added in the design of its appearance, showing its modern and dynamic characteristics. In terms of power, NETA N01 is equipped with an electric motor with the maximum 55kW and a ternary lithium battery pack of 35kW/h. The maximum range is 380km. It is said that the new vehicle will be launched in August.

Editor: From the first model NETA N01, we find that NETA has progressed in the normal way without many breakthroughs in terms of new model’s appearance and internal design. While no breakthrough also means a stable performance. With the maximum constant speed at 380km per hour and the quick charge, the range of the new model is guaranteed. NETA N01 will be launched in August. Whether it will be accepted by consumers, it all depends on its price.

4.    YUDO π1 Pro/π3 Pro subsidized price range: RMB 89.8k – 96.8k / 109.8 – 129.8k

On July 29, two upgraded models of YUDO AUTO, π1 Pro and π3 Pro were officially announced. π1 Pro has launched 2 models, with a subsidized price range of RMB 89.8k to 96.8k; π3 Pro has launched 4 models with a subsidized price range of RMB 109.9k to 129.8k. Compared to the former model, these two new models all adopt the high-performance ternary lithium battery of CATL to improve the range.

Editor: The two new models of YUDO AUTO are both equipped with the brand new CATL battery, with a great range improvement which could rival mainstream electric vehicles. And its price has remained the same as the former model. It makes YUDO models more competitive. The range of YUDO Pi1 Pro under the NEDC comprehensive operating will reach 402km. The range of YUDO Pi3 Pro under the NEDC comprehensive operating will reach 360km.

In the end: last week there were a lot of stuff happening in the new energy area and many new models were launched. The new energy market becomes more competitive. And this week, DEARCC which launched last year will announce a brand new high-end brand. Which models will be the new DEARCC brand launch in the future? What’s more about new energy area and hot models? Stay tuned to Energy Weekly of INA. We will see you next Monday. 

Editor:Yunpeng Bai