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GYON, a newly high-end EV, was launched, 9 models in the next 9 years

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-08-21 09:29:41

LOS ANGELES, August 9, 2018 (GMT+8) -- INA learnt from the GYON that, GYON, a newly high-end EV brand invested by Sitech Electric Automobile, was officially launched. According to official news, GYON will implement dual-institute strategy and plan to introduce 9 models in the next 8 years to the Chinese market. Vehicles will be developing in the sedan, SUV, and crossover segments, ranging from A class to B class, to meet the needs of civilian vehicle market.

It is reported that the first GYON concept car will be unveiled in 2019, and that the first mass production model will be brought to market in 2020, targeting to the A class market segment. And it is priced from 150,000 yuan RMB to 200,000 yuan RMB (around USD 22,000-30,000), and boasts a maximum cruising range of 580km to 600km.


GYON aims at the new middle class

GYON stands for “Grow Your Own Niche”. Joe Chao, GYON co-founder and president, noted: Just as what our slogan said, to throw our hat into the ring of the potential Chinese high-end vehicle market is to seize new opportunities. This is a path filled with challenges and opportunities where we should not follow blindly or stick in the mud.

Meanwhile, he also mentioned that GYON will aim at the luxury car market, especially those young customers and new middle class. This group of customers is chasing great taste and customized services and products, and enjoys high-end technology. GYON regards “Customer Driven”, “High-Value” and “Trustworthy” as their brand character, putting “Customer Focus" as the core concept to bring high-value, high-tech and trustworthy EV products and travel services to their customers.

Working with top design company, and the first concept car will be unveiled next January


Based on the “Consumer Focus” concept, GYON chose to sign with Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters Inc. (GFMI), a world-renowned automotive fabricator that has helped design many classic models such as the Maybach 6 Cabriolet and the Mercedes-Benz Batmobile to make the vehicle more technological and more luxurious, and more international.

The first luxury concept car that is jointly produced by GYON and GFMI will be introduced at CES next January. By working closely, the two companies will give full play to the imagination brought by EVs, and create a “Future” transport tool for consumers.

Strong “software and hardware”, 9 models in the next 8 years

As a luxury EV brand in the new era, smart interconnection technology will not be absent. According to official information, GYON will bring a smart car experience with both “Anthropomorphic” and “Datafication”. The match of GYON’s self-developed G-OS smart interconnection system and VIKI intelligent voice assistant can bring an experience that beyond expectation, including intelligent biometrics, data analysis and self-learning, “Car plus Cloud” real-time data analysis, intelligent security monitoring and 200,000 charging pile network connection. All these transits the voice assistant from a role of passive assistance to active care.

In addition to strong software, GYON also boasts strength in its hardware. GYON said that its products will equip with micro-power high-performance battery pack, which can be charged to 80% within 10 minutes, and 100% within 15 minutes, ensuring maximum 580-600km cruising range. Moreover, the GYON products will also adopt medical-level high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) system and provide ultra-wide vehicle vision, flexible layout, quiet and sound insulation experience and other more humanized design, bringing users more than expected product experience.

In this press release, GYON announced that they will establish two vehicle R&D institutes both in Chengdu (the capital of the southwestern Sichuan province) and California, and a design institute in Chengdu to secure its goal of focusing on users’ transport behaviors. The two R&D centers will work jointly to introduce 9 models in the next 8 years to the Chinese market, ranging from A class to B class, and plan to sell more than 400,000 vehicles annually, making itself the pioneer of the new Chinese OEM automakers.

In the press release, the management team also appeared together. They are: Joe, co-founder and president, once worked for Chrysler as global vice president, responsible for the development cycle of all new projects of Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge, advanced production and supply chain. Zhang Ningyi (Thomas Zhang), Dean of No.2 GYON Research Institute. Sunho Park, General Manager of Quality Center from Korea. Yang Shuichu (Sebastine Yang), General Manager of Market and Product Planning Center. And Xiao Huadong, Deputy General Manager of Intelligent Interconnection Center. All of them are all front-line executives with rich management and practical experience in the automotive industry.

Focus on the Chinese market, a newly Industry 4.0 intelligent plant will be established in Chengdu

Regarding plant construction, Joe said, “GYON is a luxury EV brand focused on the Chinese auto market where there is a huge potential.” Before the establishment, the management team had already started to communicate with the Chengdu government. The two sides have reached an intention of deep strategic cooperation, and GYON will settle in Chengdu possibly.

If settled in Chengdu, the government will support GYON in various aspects, including brand, market, capital, settlement, production, and operation. With the government’s support, the smart city auto ecosystem featuring GYON, Charging Network, Connectivity, AI-Smart, Operation, and Finance initiated by GYON will be soon implemented.

In the meantime, the GYON’s top international design team, R&D team and high-end technologies, like AI, will also boost Chengdu’s development, which will accelerate the transformation of Chengdu into a smart city and drive comprehensive reform and upgrading of local industries. According to GYON's long-term plan, the new Industry 4.0 intelligent plant will be built in the future, and the prospect of cooperation between GYON and Chengdu is expecting.


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