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Intelligent interaction Is the point, the static experience of VENUCIA T60

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-08-23 17:24:02

A few days ago, VENUCIA T60 made its debut officially. As a brand new sub-compact SUV, VENUCIA T60 has a typical young style just like its family design. The sub-compact SUV VENUCIA T60 aims at the young market like most of other models of the same class, attracting the young people with its compact and dynamic appearance. Meanwhile, the new model also focused on the upgrading of the car multimedia system, realizing multiple functions of the voice control, the vehicle network and the interaction. It is said that VENUCIA T60 will be launched officially in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Most of the Chinese auto manufacturers have accomplished the distribution in the sub-compact SUV market. In front of those competitors of the same class, is VENUCIA T60 powerful enough to prove its value as a newcomer? By static experience of VENUCIA T60, let’s have a look at which highlights of VENUCIA sub-compact SUV to be expected.

Highlights preview

1. brand new sub-compact SUV VENUCIA T60, with a wheel base of 2640mm

2. expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to the earlier source VENUCIA will come to the market before the end of 2018.

3. Equipped with the brand new intelligent interactive system and the upgraded multimedia system which support networking and CarPlay & Android.

Design: typical family style, vivid detailing customizations

The shape of the front face creates a stereoscopic effect.

VENUCIA T60 adopts the design of hexagonal air-let grille and the recognizable chrome plating decoration, creating the visual effect with clear edges.

Lens headlights

Headlights set of VENUCIA T60 has two sets of lens units with better spotlight. LED DRL adopts the independent vertical layout, which can reduce the replacement cost of the follow-up maintenance.

We could find that the new model is equipped with the rare Adaptive Cruise Control camera from the real model.

LENGTH(mm) 4412
WIDTH(mm) 1820
HEIGHT(mm) 1679
WHEEL BASE(mm) 2640

VENUCIA T60 deluxe version also supports the big size panoramic sunroof, which is also rare among the same class.

Color-blocking painting, strong personality

VENUCIA T60 adopts the “color-blocking” coating, showing a strong personality. The combination of black doorpost and the white auto body matches its young market positioning.

The shape of rim highlights the dynamic characteristic

VENUCIA T60 is equipped with a set of aluminum alloy rims of the size 215/55R18. The look of the polish blade works in concert with the overall style and the visual effect is quite outstanding.

Tail shape of VENUCIA T60 continues to adopt the strong stereoscopic design idea. Reverse “L” shape taillights is one of the special designs.

The segmented taillight set allows a wide open of the trunk. And the interior of the light set is well decorated and the taillights are fairly recognizable after lighting.

VENUCIA is equipped with a large silver rear enveloping kit, which further highlights its crossover identity. And it also could protect the coating of the tail in some way, which is very practical.

In terms of the appearance, VENUCIA T60 keeps the brand design feature and the vivid characteristic at the same time. As a sub-compact SUV aiming at the young market, the edgy design style reveals its personality. The size data is also very competitive among those models of the same class. However, in my opinion that the whole style of VENUCIA T60 is too strong to attract most of the female consumers.

Interior design: simple and exquisite, sports detailing

Full LCD dashboard, full of high-tech vibe

From the real shot model, VENUCIA T60 is equipped with a set of LCD dashboard in the blue tone. The overall visual effect is full of high-tech vibe.

The steering wheel adopts the flat bottom design. No matter the visual effect or the touch feeling is fine enough to match its positioning of the young market.

VENUCIA T60 is equipped with a floating central control panel integrating multiple functions such as AVM panoramic image, navigation, multimedia and vehicle networking. The interactive interface is in the blue tone as well.

In terms of details, VENUCIA T60 also uses carbon fiber textured panels to enhance its sports characteristic.

Multiples auxiliary configuration

Space experience: the storage design focuses on the practicality

As a sub-compact SUV, VENUCIA T60 still provides the electric adjustment of the driver’s seat, and the seat stitching is pretty fine too.

For a sub-compact SUV, the storage space of VENUCIA T60 is extraordinary enough to ensure its good practicability.

The whole line is equipped with a 1.6L engine

VENUCIA T60 is equipped with Nissan HR16 1.6L normally aspirated engine. The transmission part is expected to adopt the 5-speed manual transmission and CVT.

The layout of McPherson-type in the front and torsion beam suspension in the rear is a common suspension form for the same class.

Being a newcomer in the domestic sub-compact SUV market, the late reason given by VENUCIA is to create an intelligent interaction vehicle. Different from the sub-compact SUV we used to see, the ways VENUCIA T60 attracts the young consumers are more direct. By introducing excellent voice interaction and intelligent scene push-up and some more trendy features, it offers a user experience similar to the smart phone user experience. As a big fan of internet and intelligent products, I am looking forward to the practical performance of VENUCIA T60. While considering that the site was quite limited, we couldn’t develop the real power of this intelligent interactive system. From the hardware configuration of the new model, VENUCIA has the appearance with a strong personality, better configurations among the same class models and practical space, which also contribute a lot for its boutique sub-compact SUV positioning.

Editor:Xiaochen Wang