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Haval F5, first F-series SUV, Cater to the young

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-08-23 17:24:05

Now Haval has made its products cover all market segments in the development of the H-series and launched the WEY series in the high-end models. So, to develop younger and more sporty models will be their next strategic deployment. F-series just boasts these highlights and targets for young and post-90s consumers. Now, let’s see the Haval F5, the first edition of the F-series, to experience how it is doing in terms of youthfulness and sportiveness.

The exterior of the vehicle is different from that of H-series models with wider design in several aspects. Harvard has always been focusing on independent design and development, which is worthy of recognition. As a post-90s, however, I hope to see more international design on the vehicle.


1.   Younger design and detail-oriented

2.   Intelligent and practical configuration

3.   Mature performance and balanced power

The difference between Haval F-series and the H-series models can be clearly seen through the design of front end and grille. The F5 has a bolder and more trendy design than the previous H-series models, and adopts more technological elements.

The headlamp of F5 features a layered design with an integrated headlamps combination at the top, including DRLs, turn signal lights and fog lamps underneath. Most of them are LED lights, which can provide good lighting.

F5 Deluxe 4470 1857 1638 2680
LYNK & CO 02 4WD Pro 4448 1890 1528 2702
WEY VV5 Flagship 4462 1857 1638 2680

Side details

The F5 has an angled rear. It also equipped with a keyless entry system. The door adopts a user-friendly all-inclusive design, ensuring passengers’ trousers are not to be soiled when getting on and off.

Cameras under outer mirrors provide the driver a wider view. The outer mirrors also have turn signal lights. The bottom side has a two-tone design that makes the car look more layered.

Wheel and tyres

The F5 uses a wire wheel hub with a more uniform rim profile, and tyres are four Michelin Latitude Sport 3 235/55R19.

Rear design

The rear end features a wide tail with protruding sides. The mellowed but full of sporty design make the tail look better.

It adopts double-sided dual exhaust design and two vents also feature chrome-plated decorative frame. There are also three chrome-plated decorative frames in the center that echoes the front of the car to create a good sporting feeling.

Rear lamps

The rear lamps are nicely fit into the car, and the mellowed shape looks saturated. Good lighting and the width of the rear lamps can guarantee the safety of the vehicle.

Exterior safety configuration

There are cameras and radar on the front and rear of the vehicle, and there are also cameras on both sides of the outer mirrors. All these can provide the driver a panoramic image. Meanwhile, radar can ensure a safe low speed driving and provide a better view when parking.

Excellent overall design and configuration are consistent advantages of the Haval series. Both the H-series and the F-series inherit this very well. Coupled with the vehicle's originality and high recognition design, it will be remembered for the first sight.

Interior, the neat design and the good materials combined with the practical and rich configurations make passengers feel cozy, and also meet the needs of consumers in use. Moreover, the scientific and technical configurations allow passengers to get more convenience in the car.

The central console is in a simple two-tone design. The material of it is slush mold and it is decorated with some reflectors and metal plates to enhance the sense of fashion.


The LCD display has three themes: fashion, classic and dynamic. It can display information such as tire pressure, vehicle settings, driving status smoothly without delay.

Central multi-functional display

The 12.3-inch LCD display boasts a swift reaction. The reflections caused by direct sunlight do not affect usage. And it allows various connections.

Other front details

The air-conditioning control area is quite avant-garde with aircraft cockpit buttons. The car equips an one-button start-stop button, and other multi-function buttons are distributed around the steering wheel for easy use.

Panoramic sunroof

The large panoramic sunroof boasts an area of 0.89 m2. But the only drawback is that it cannot be opened.

Seats & Space

Front seats

The front seats can be adjusted multi-directional by electric switches, which provide better support for passengers. What’s more, it has a curved design on the shoulders part for improved ride comfort.

Front row space

When a 190cm (about 6’23ft) height passenger sitting in the front seats after adjusting to a safe position, the space between his head and the roof is about a palm wide.

Rear seats

With thicker cushion, rear seats provide better hip support, but the backrest angle is a little bit straight. The rear floor has almost no bulge providing more comfortable legroom.

Rear space

While sitting in the rear seats and keeping the front seats in its position, the space between his head and roof is three-finger wide, and the space between leg and front seats is one fist.


Front-row head-room

Rear-row head-room



Front-row leg-room

Rear-row leg-room



The overall storage space inside the car is quite satisfactory. The front armrest has a large internal volume and has USB and power interface.

The trunk is flat with fixed anchors on both sides and the rear seats can be folded down proportionally. The trunk has a certain height from the ground and has a ridge inside, but it does not affect the daily usage.

The overall design of the car is of simplicity but not simple. The workmanship and materials meet the requirement of this level with great technology configuration. The interior space and storage space are practical and fully reflect the diversification of the interior of the vehicle. These are also what many young consumers focused on.

The combination of power and that of chassis is the most mature part of the previous Haval models. The driving experience is similar to that of some models I have driven before. It is very mature whether it is driving or riding.


The combination is 1.5-litre turbocharged engine and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The maximum power is 124kW, and the maximum torque is 285Nm. It also provides three driving mode optional.

The combination is quite mature which has already appeared in most Haval SUVs. On the Haval F5, the adjustment of this combination aims at providing stable output.

The power of the engine and the gearbox in daily driving can meet the needs of most consumers. Although the power output does not reach a strong level, the steady process improves the driving quality.

The increase in sport sensitivity is not obvious after the sport mode is turned on, but it can be seen from the later upshift speed and high-speed range. The economic model is just the opposite. The upshift becomes more sensitive while the acceleration will become more sluggish. And it is very difficult to let the gearbox downshift in ECO mode unless you manually downshift.

The gearbox and the engine work well together. The short test drive process did not have any sluggish feeling.

The upshift and downshift of the gearbox are maintained in an appropriate range. But the driving experience lacks driving passion, which is different from the feeling that dynamic exterior design provided.


The configuration of the chassis combination has reached the standard configuration of the mainstream level and even higher level. It adopts the combination of MacPherson strut suspension in the front and the double wishbone independent suspension in the rear to adjust the vehicle to be sportier. The advantage of this is the overall support will be strong but less riding comfort.

After this short experience, the chassis comfort of the vehicle is still worthy of recognition. When crossing over the speed bump, the spring of shock absorber can rebound quickly.

A well-supported chassis is not always a hard-boned state. It can also achieve excellent filtering when comfort is needed, and provide good support in extreme conditions.

The accurate turning is one of the highlights of the F5. It adopts the electric power steering system. Even though the feeling of steering wheel is heavy, it is still accurate for driver to control when the vehicle is turning. Moreover, a comfortable steering wheel also enhance the vehicle's sporting feeling.

The NVH of the F5 is satisfactory with little noise being heard in the car, providing a quiet space to passengers.


More models do not mean neglecting quality. Regarding creation, Haval is way ahead those competitors. And in terms of quality, Haval boasts rich functions and easy control. All these will offer Haval brighter prospects in the market.

It is reported that Haval will introduce another F-series, F7. It is aimed at those mature consumers group, and will be different from F5. Let’s wait and see.

Editor:Zhang Yuepeng