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BJ40 PLUS Test Drive: In it, the tiger sniffs the rose.

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-08-27 18:11:52

Last year, the film Wolf Warriors II gained great popularity for BJ40 SUV. BJ40 PLUS as its enlarged version also called plenty of attention and it just helped BAIC Family win the champion of 2018 China Around Taklimakan Rally with extraordinary performance. And BJ40 PLUS Taklimakan Champion Version was launched officially a few days ago, with only 2018 units. The better performance of breakout is one of its highlights. Besides, what’s more will be waiting for us. Let’s have a look at it. 

The article will be based on the special design of BJ40 PLUS Taklimakan Champion Version and the urban driving experience of BJ40 PLUS. 

the experience of BJ40 PLUS Taklimakan Champion

In terms of the appearance, BJ40 PLUS Taklimakan Champion continues to adopt the boxy design of the normal version, upgrading in lots of detailing such as the stickers on auto body and the embroidery on the seats. 

BJ40 PLUS Taklimakan Campion offers two theme colors: dark blue (exclusive) and hot red, adding the exclusive stickers and the badge in the side of the vehicle to highlight its identity.

As for the tail, the hard style is remained pretty well and meanwhile the combination of the large area of chrome plating decoration and the red trailer hook is fairly modern. In addition, the spare tire cover has a picture of the road map on it, which gives it a pretty good vibe. 

And the new model adopts the brand new blackened rim and the red caliper with more dynamic characteristics. The tyer is Cooper Discoverer ATS 265/65 R17, which can realize mild off-road.

Besides the red brake caliper, the color of the coil-spring is also upgraded into red, giving it a more emtional look.

There is not any essential difference between the limited edition and the normal one. While the exclusive dark blue makes it look chic and get rid of the original rustic impression from the old models.

The 10-inch multimedia display integrates the functions of navigation and event data recorder, improving a lot in the high-tech vibe. And the Taklimakan Champion Version also supports exclusive boot screen.

To ensure the comfortability, the seats of BJ40 PLUS Taklimakan Champion Version are wrapped in the real leather and have the exclusive icon.

In addition, BJ40 PLUS Taklimakan Version also has a off-road cabin which can be used for the storage of tools and other stuffs.

Compared to the regular version, the biggest highlight of the new model is the rear axle differential lock. It makes further improvement in the capacity of escaping from the difficult position.

Compared to the regular version, the upgrade of BJ40 PLUS Taklimakan Champion Version is mainly reflected in the details. The exclusive prints, logos and badges make it look more recognizable. In addition, the blacken rim, the red coil-spring and the red brake caliper also enhance its dynamic characteristic.

Unlike the usual off-road driving tests, this time the test drive routes are all in the city.

Although we can’t feel the trafficability and disability of the vehicle, it does allow us to experience the other side of the tough SUV. However, this test drive model is not the BJ40 PLUS champion version, but the regular BJ40 PLUS.

In terms of power, the test drive is powered by a 2.3T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 184 kW and a peak torque of 350 Nm.

In terms of transmission, the engine is matched with the Aisin 6AT gearbox, which has excellent stability and durability.

In terms of suspension, BJ40 PLUS is slightly upgraded compared to the old model. It uses a front double wishbone spiral spring independent suspension & a rear five-link helical spring non-independent suspension, which is adjusted for comfort.

The new car is powered by BorgWarner's electronically controlled part-time four-wheel drive system, which can be used in 2H, 4H, 4L modes and supports sports and snow modes.

The 2.3T turbocharged engine on the vehicle performs well, not only is it very light, but also has good power feedback on the high-speed section.

The power reserve of this 2.3T turbocharged engine is sufficient, and it can be adjusted with the lighter throttle adjustment. When the rev speed arrives 1900 rpm, the maximum torque can be generated. At this time, the power increase is particularly obvious. For daily urban driving, the power is absolutely sufficient.

Shifting in the low gear range is a little bit abrupt, but the impact is not obvious. While in the case of rapid speeding up, it is necessary to reserve 1-2 seconds of reaction time for the gearbox.

The steering system of the new car has been upgraded, not much different from that of the usual urban SUV. However, the steering wheel is a little heavy at low speed. Parking or U-turn needs to be adapted, but it will return to normal after the speed is increased.

The steering system of the new car has been upgraded, the minimum turning diameter is reduced by 1m, and the maximum number of turns of the steering wheel is reduced by 0.4 turns. The steering accuracy is not much different from that of a general urban SUV. However, at low speeds, the steering wheel feels slightly heavier. This is more noticeable when parking and turning around. It needs a little bit of adaptation, but it is not a problem for most male drivers.

The brake of BJ40 PLUS is soft. It may be a little uncomfortable for the first driving, and the driver needs to make a pre-judgment in advance.

The suspension adjustment of the vehicle tends to focus more on the comfort, and the filtration of small vibrations works well. However, due to the higher center of gravity, the tilt during cornering is still noticeable.

For a tough style SUV, the NVH performance of BJ40 PLUS has been good. The engine noise is only slightly higher at high speeds, but not a big deal for this big cool guy.

Summary: As a representative of the domestic SUV, BJ40 series models have lots of fans. Excellent cost performance and playability are its main selling points. In particular, BJ40 PLUS which was launched this year, under the appearance of the tough guys, has been implanted more high-tech elements and comfort elements. This change is very successful from the current situation and also allows us to experience the other side of BJ40 PLUS.

Editor:Lei Wang