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Chery Arrizo GX 9CVT is blowing horn of chasing

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-08-31 14:09:42

In recent two years, Geely, SAIC, Changan and many other independent brands have been actively taken actions in the market, but Chery seems to be in a state of stagnation. Whether it is the Tiggo 7 or the Arrizo 5, their performance in the market is relatively flat. However, the recent Tiggo 8 was different. As an established Chinese automotive company, Chery has always been developing. The Arrizo GX is Chery's pioneer of chasing other brands.

Q: Who is the competitor of the Arrizo GX?

A: The market positioning of the Arrizo GX is the independent A-class sedan. Its main competitor are Geely Emgrand GL, SAIC Roewe i6 and other independent brands A-class models.

Q: Will the Arrizo GX pose impact on the Arrizo 7?

A: The Arrizo GX is possibly the replacement of the Arrizo 7, and will be a main force, together with the replacement of the Arrizo 5, in the A-class market.

The engine of the Arrizo GX is a turbocharged engine with a thermal efficiency of up to 37.1%, which is widely used in its models currently. The maximum power is 108kW/5500rpm and the maximum torque is 210N·m/1750-4000rpm. Powertrain of this car is the engine plus a 9-speed CVT.

The 9-speed CVT, in fact, is the one that drove by steel belts. It is the ECU of the transmission that brought a shifting experience similar to that of the AT, which increases driving pleasure. However, only if the manual mode is on can experience that feeling. In the automatic mode, it is still a traditional CVT.

Although it is just a 9-speed CVT physically, it still boasts many technical highlights. For example, it has a large speed ratio range of 7.07 and boasts a maximum torque of 280 Nm. And this CVT is also compatible with functions including automatic start and stop, 48V mild-hybrid, PHEV and electronic shifting.

Due to the short experience time, I can only focus on the performance of this 9-speed CVT and its tacit understanding with the turbocharged engine with a thermal efficiency of 37.1%.

The power is still obvious even the car is at a low speed.

With the speed being raised gradually, the performance of this 9CVT is quite decent.

In order to simulate the overtaking in urban roads, the speed of the car was increased to 60km/h. When fully accelerated, this 9CVT can quickly generate the maximum torque of 210Nm which costs only about 0.5 seconds reflecting on wheels. The transmission efficiency can basically reach the same level as the joint venture CVT. At the manual mode, the ECU of the transmission simulates the fallback of the AT when shifting, and creates a certain shifting shock. But the Arrizo GX is not equipped with a shift paddle, which means it can only be shifted manually by the lever.

The Arrizo GX adopts the similar design to the Tiggo 7 listed in 2016. The design makes the Tiggo 7 look not quite masculine, but provides the Arrizo GX a dynamic, avant-garde visual effect.

The patchwork grille makes the front end very layered, and the slender chrome-plated strip connects the headlights on both sides to make the overall front end look wider.

The unique clearance lamps look like a DRLs.

However, the real LED DRLs are positioned beneath the fog lights with chrome-plated strips surrounded, enabling the front end more exquisite.

The front camera is positioned in the scaly grille which is integrated with the grille.

The length of the Arrizo GX is 4710mm which is even longer than that of the standard BMW 3 Series. However, the wheelbase of 2670mm means it is a standard A-class car.

Length (mm) 4710
Width (mm) 1825
Height (mm) 1490
Wheelbase (mm) 2670

The tyres of the Arrizo GX is the GitiComfort F22 205/50 R17 which is good at noise reduction and drainage.

Like the front end, the line design at the rear end of the car also makes the tail look very layered, presenting a strong visual effect.

Rear lamps are also LED lights. They look like several energy cubes when they are lighted, presenting a great visual effect.

Regardless of the exterior or interior design, the Arrizo GX guarantees a high degree of originality, a strong sense of technology and fashion, which is very commendable. The T-shaped center console tilts slightly toward the driver's side, and the black and white interior color matching is not out of date, offering passengers a stylish feeling when entering the car. Due to cost limitation, there is no soft material on the top of the center console, but the white wrap is made of leather.

The 3-spoke multi-function steering wheel is not natural enough to turn back to the original position after steering, and can only be adjusted up and down, not adjustable front and rear.

When the speed beyond 120km/h and the rotation speed above 3000r/min, the scale of the dashboard is disconnected. That’s an interesting design.

The 9-inch center console screen a high definition and the response is very sensitive. It would be better if the interface UI were more beautiful.

Touch-type air conditioning buttons are rare in self-developed brands, and there is audible feedback, but no tactile feedback.

The car has a surround view camera function, which allows drivers to view images at various angles individually, ensuring maximum driving safety.

In front of rear seats, there are individual air conditioning vents and two USB ports, which are considerate.

In general, the Arrizo GX boasts a relatively high-level overall configuration. However, lacking adjustable electric seats is really a big pity.

The car in this test maybe the deluxe model in the future, and maintains the high-level configuration of its own brand. But the distribution of the configuration is not balance. For instance, it equips Bluetooth phone/music, automatic headlights, automatic air conditioning, and surround view camera system, but lack electric seats and seats heating. If these functions can be added later, then its competitiveness will be further enhanced.

The passenger is 175cm height. After adjusting the front seat, the room between her head and the roof is a fist and two fingers wide.

When sitting in the rear seats, the space between her head and the roof is a fist wide. While keeping the front seat in its position, the space between her leg and the front seat is a palm wide.

The bulge in the back-row center is low and the longitudinal length is sufficient to accommodate a grownup's feet. Therefore, three people sitting in the back row will not be very difficult.

Summary: Frankly speaking, the Arrizo 5 and 7 are a bit uncompetitive, especially in the A-class market. But the Arrizo GX impressed me, especially those original interiors and exterior design, which have set a good example for many self-developed brands. Next is the powertrain. What I am care about is the actual driving experience it brings to me. Judging from the test, it is no less inferior to other self-developed brands, or even surpasses them.

Editor:Yu Xin