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Energy Weekly - NIO went public in the US and BYD signed another battery program

From:网通社 2018-09-18 18:36:14

Here is Energy Weekly report. We are committed to bringing together all hot topics and new launching vehicles in the new energy area.

Last week, NIO was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the first Chinese electric vehicle company to go public in the US. And in China, BYD, which is also pretty eye-catching, signed another power battery program of 30GWh. This is the third BYD power battery program in 2018. Is it because of “BYD is too rich” or is there another reason? Let’s have a look at it.

The latest news

1. NIO, listed on NYSE officially, first Chinese EV manufacturer to go public in the US

At 9:30 am, EDT, September 12, 12 NIO’s users, including ordinary consumers, partners and representatives of the car owners from NIO company, jointly ringed the listing clock of the NYSE. The Chinese EV startup company with the stock code of “NIO” has officially been listed in the US and became the first Chinese EV company to go public in the US and it also became the second large electric vehicle manufacturers to have an IPO in the US after Tesla.

Editor: NIO went public in the US, but its listing cannot solve all its problems. There’s plenty of room for improvement in terms of production, delivery and after-sale. In the meantime, NIO after listing will become the short-selling objective in the capital market due to revenues lacking. 

2. BYD signed another 30GWh power battery program, with the total planned production capacity of 100GWh.

At present, BYD has 3 power battery production based in Qinghai, Huizhou and Shenzhou, with an annual production capacity of 28GWh. On September 9, the commencement ceremony marked the construction of the monorail demonstration line program and the signing of BYD’s power battery program of 30GWh was held in Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone. According to the document, the program involves a total investment of RMB 12 billion and the BYD annual production capacity will be 30GWh.

Editor: This year, BYD signed the power battery production program in Chongqing and Shenzhen. And the Xi’an base has an annual capacity of 30GWh. At this point, the total annual capacity of BYD power battery has reached 100GWh.

Large-scale capacity expansion shows the determination of BYD to regain the power battery sales champion. And also released a signal: the competition in power battery market is heated up. The power battery technology route is becoming clearer and recognized by the market. Large enterprises will speed up the expansion of production to squeeze the market share and living space of small companies.  

3. The qualification of loan? CIWEI AUTO and KAIRUI NEW ENERGY are working on a deeper integration.

Recently, Xiamen Sanwu Internet Technology announced that its subsidiary, Xiamen Sanwu New Energy Vehicle has signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with KAIRUI NEW ENERGY to work together on the program of Sanwu Ciwei New Energy PEV.

According to the agreement, the two companies will together develop most of the auto parts including the 3-electric system, the front grille, the bumper, the fender, the central control display screen and the logo change. And in terms of model purchase, model customization, R&D, supply chain management, sales and after-sales, they will have long-term cooperation too. In the future, KAIRUI NEW ENERGY will develop and produce the products according to the customization of SANWU NEW ENERGY and supply the program products to SANWU NEW ENERGY. At the same time, SANWU NER ENERGY will authorize KAIRUI NEW ENERGY as the exclusive distributor.

Editor: for the new auto manufacturers, besides building its own factory and then applying for qualifications, working with the traditional auto manufacturers has become an important trend. Cooperation of CIWEN AUTO and KAIRUI NEW ENETGY may bring us the SANWU CIWEI model made by KAIRUI NEW ENERGY soon.

New products

1. Changan CS75 PHEV: RMB 165.8k-196.8k with subsidy (around $24k-28.6k)

On September 12, Changan CS75 PHEVV was officially launched 3 models. With subsidy, the unity price is around $ 24k- 28.6k. CS75 PHEV is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T gasoline engine and an electric motor. Maximum integrated output is 255kW and the maximum torque is 605Nm. In addition, the new model is equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 12.96kWh. The maximum range is 60km according to the official.

Editor: Among those Chinese plug-in hybrid SUVs, most popular models are Roewe Erx5 and LYNK&CO 01 PHEV. Compared with these two, Changan CS75 PHEV has a quite good performance in terms of the size and the configuration. And it also adopts the 3-motor power system, which is pretty rare in the same class. The most important is that the price with subsidy of $24k-28.9k improves the cost performance and the overall competitiveness.

2. WM EX5: RMB 112.3k-164.8k after subsidy (approx. $16.3k-24k)

On September 10, WELTMEISTER Motor officially announced the price of the whole line of WM EX5. There are 6 models with 3 different cruising ranges and the price range with subsidy is $16.3k-24k. In addition, WM also provides EX5 with multiple optional packages like the all-time battery pack temperature management system, tech-assistance and comfortable configuration etc. According to the official, WM will start the deposit payment of the whole vehicle customization on September 15 (planned) and will begin to be delivered on September 28.  

Different from other new auto manufacturers, WM EX5 doesn’t have “the Best in the world” automatic driving or the strong performance of 0-100km/h in 4.x seconds. It focused on the practical utility. The website for the customization of WM EX5 optional configurations was officially launched with a clear interface and simple operation. If you are interested in WM Motor, its good for you to have a look at it. 

Editor:Yunpeng Bai