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FAW TOYOTA new product planning revealed: AVALON, IZOA EV etc.

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-09-29 18:00:45

On September 25, FAW TOYOTA celebrated its 15th anniversary in Beijing. In the celebration, IIA learned from FAW TOYOTA official that FAW TOYOTA will launch the AVALON China-made version (pre-sale on November 15), the Corolla PHEV(in 2019)and the IZOA EV (release in 2019) etc. By 2020, the coverage of the standard configuration will reach 60%. By 2025, all the models will have the electric version. In addition, FAW TOYOTA also announced a brand new slogan "Zhi Zhen Zhi Ji", which can be translated into "Keep Real and Pursue Perfection". 

Since 2003, FAW TOYOTA has established 3 production bases in Sichuan, Changchun and Tianjin. The production models include VIOS, COROLLA, COROLLA HEV, CROWN, IZOA, RAV4, PRADO and COASTER, achieving a sales of more than 6.8 million units cumulatively.

Tian Qingjiu of FAW TOYOTA said, “there have been great changes going on in the automobile market and user requirements also are constantly upgrading now. FAW TOYOTA has taken the lead in reform and upgrading prospectively. At the time of the 15th anniversary of the establishment, FAW TOYOTA announced its brand new slogan "Keep Real and Pursue Perfection". This is also the specific expression of TOYOTA WAY in China. 

In the future, FAW TOYOTA will devote to manufacturing quality, new energy, intelligent interconnection and marketing upgrade. In terms of the new energy, FAW TOYOTA will launch the Corolla PHEV ( in 2019) and the IZOA EV (release in 2019) etc. In addition, the AVALON China-made version also will be on pre-sale on November 15 this year, and will be released officially at 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show. 

For the intelligent interconnection, FAW TOYOTA will combine the consumer, the dealership and the brand through intelligent interconnection to offer consumers considerated services. According to their plan, FAW TOYOTA will realize 60% coverage of Internet of Vehicles in 2020, and by 2025, there will be more than 3.2 million units equipped with the Internet of Vehicles. 

In terms of marketing upgrade, FAW TOYOTA will realize the transformation from “manufacturing and sales company” to “user-oriented company” through the real communication with consumers. For the product, FAW TOYOTA will further meet the specific demands of target consumers. And in terms of service, FAW TOYOTA will expand a new value chain to provide consumers a trustful and carefree auto life. In regard to channels, FAW TOYOTA will bring consumers more convenient and thoughtful car service with a perfect user experience.


In terms of appearance, the oversea version offers two different designs. The regular model adopts multi-banner grille, while the sports version adopts the black mesh look. The shape of the headlights is the irregular quadrilateral. And the internal structures of the lights set of two versions are also different. In addition, the front end of the new model is more three-dimensional and the overall look is way more edgy. 

In terms of tail, the visual effect of the new model is widened and the shape of the taillights is turned into the all-through style. In addition, the regular version uses a hidden pipe design while the sports version is equipped with 2 pipes on both sides. 

The interior features two-color design and the center console has a clear function division. The 9-inch multimedia touch screen supports Apple CarPlay and is integrated with the a/c vents and the a/c control panel. The multi-function steering wheel is wrapped in real leather and both sides of the dashboard adopt the classic pointer design and the center part is equipped with a large LCD screen. Additionally, the new model is equipped with the active safety system such as HUD (head up display), LKA (lane keeping assist) and LDW (lane departure warning) etc. 

In terms of power, the AVALON will be equipped with 2.5L and 2.5L hybrid systems at the early stage, and the 2.0L version will be released later. For reference, the current 2.5L version of the Camry has the maximum power of 154kW and the maximum torque of 250Nm. 


As the first pure electric vehicle of FAW TOYOTA, the IZOA EV will be released in 2019 and be introduced to the market in 2020. It is expected to be manufactured based on the ordinary gasoline version. However, currently there is very little about the IZOA EV and we will keep an eye on it as well.  

Corolla PHEV

TOYOTA has achieved great success in the strategic distribution in the new energy area. It has sold over 11 million electric vehicles in more than 100 countries. And the Corolla PHEV overseas version is the best-selling product around the world. TOYOTA will develop a new model for China-only and the new model will be officially launched next spring. 

In terms of power, the Corolla PHEV will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.8L naturally aspirated engine, a dual motor and a battery pack. At present, the Corolla Family has 17 models from 13 different levels like hybrid, turbo-charged, naturally aspirated, and etc. 

With the launch of the Corolla PHEV next year, the Corolla Family will be further expanded. FAW TOYOTA is also very confident in this model. 

Editor:Wang Lei