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Roewe Marvel X released and delivered simultaneously on Sept. 30

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-09-30 17:51:48

The MARVEL X, a new SAIC Roewe pure electric SUV, was officially announced its price at this year's Chengdu Auto Show opening day. The new car boasts two versions with their subsidized MSRP prices were 268,800 RMB and 308,800 RMB yuan (approx. US$39,138 and US$ 44,962) respectively. On September 30, Netcom learned from SAIC Roewe that the MARVEL X was officially launched and began to be delivered. The new car is equipped with a ternary lithium battery and has a cruising range of up to 500 kilometers.




Subsidized Price

(10k RMB)






MSRP of the Super-user Service Plan

First group of car owners

The new car adopts a brand-new front end design, which shows the "Light of the Rhythm" of Roewe's design concept, the "Light of Electricity" in the new energy era, and the "Light of the Future" of intelligent interconnection. Moreover, the novel technologies possessed by the concept car will be adopted on the mass production version of the MARVEL X. Its front end adopts a brand-new family design featuring a multi-bar grille that presenting a strong characteristic, and each of the bars has a hollowed-out treatment, making the grille more delicate.

The new car has a length of 4,678mm, a width of 1,919mm, and a height of 1,616mm, while its wheelbase stands as 2,800mm. The car will also be available in different rim styles and sunroofs depending on the model. The waistline with double arch features combined with the sliding back and wide flat car body, giving the new car an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.29. The tail trim extends into the interior of the taillight pack, providing a wider and more holistic feel. The bottom of the bumper has a silvery front, making the car sportier.

Roewe MARVEL X uses the interior and center console layout that the one-million-class super cars adopted. The overall size of the inclined screen is 19.4 inches, which exceeds the Tesla 17-inch one. The combination of a large screen and physical buttons, and the SAIC Roewe intelligent central control system integrated in the center console provide passengers an experience of intelligent interaction.

Meanwhile, the center console raises from the central armrest and forms a perfect connection with instrument panel, creating a floating effect of the screen. The interior of the new car is wrapped in a large amount of leather materials, and chrome decoration is reasonably used to enhance the overall level.

In terms of power, the MARVEL X is equipped with a ternary lithium battery. It boasts two different power versions. Among them, the low-power version is equipped with two sets of motors both set at the front and rear, generating a maximum power of 85kW in the front and 52kW in the rear respectively. On the basis of these two, the three-motor version refers to the one adds an 85kW permanent magnet synchronous motor to the rear axle of the vehicle. The new car has a cruising range of up to 500 kilometers.

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