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What changes All-New BMW X5 made as a King SUV?

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Automobile hot topic Q & A (Ep.181)

At the Paris Motor Show this year, the fourth-generation BMW X5 is undoubtedly a major focus. On one hand, it is the king of the world's large and deluxe SUV. On the other hand, its launching is only 4 years after the unveiling of the third generation X5. For a German car, 4-year in the life cycle usually refers to the time when the so-called "middle-term facelift" is made, but not a new generation. So, what are the most noteworthy changes in the fourth-generation X5?


Q: What do you think is the biggest change in the fourth-generation BMW X5?

A: The interior has been transformed from simplicity to luxury. To be honest, I was not that into BMW's interior design, and felt that it was too simple from design, material selection and workmanship to be titled a luxury car. It's no wonder that the BMW brand is positioned on an “ultimate driving machine”, while other things seem redundant.

But the interior of the new generation X5 really catches my eyes. It uses a lot of metal frame trim, and the shift lever and the center console knob are set with delicate crystal material. The lower part of the door panel is made of soft material. Mercedes-Benz has always been proud of its luxurious interior design. However, compared with the new Mercedes-Benz GLE, the new X5 is more deluxe.

Q: You’ve used the word “transform”. Does it mean that the positioning of BMW's "ultimate driving machine" has changed?

A: It should be said that BMW has already stabilized its position of "the ultimate driving machine" and started to enter the “deluxe” segment. The "exquisite" and "deluxe" highlighted on the new generation 7 series three years ago is also reflected in the new generation 5 series. At the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, under its new "large deluxe car” strategy, BMW launched the X7 and the X8 series which emphasize the deluxe interior design. And today, the crystal material of the new X5 is in line with the design concept of X7 and 8 series that the new deluxe elements extend from top to bottom. It can be said that, in BMW's genes, "deluxe" has become a gene that is equivalent to "sports". It is a deep evolution. BMW is no longer a simple "ultimate driving machine" but a "deluxe ultimate driving machine." ".

Q: What do you think of the exterior appearance of the new X5?

A: The lateral width of the taillights is increased, and it is flatter and straighter. The 3D shape also highlights its exquisiteness and quality. The iconic kidney grille on the front end has been raised a lot. Some people like it, but I personally feel a bit exaggerated. BMW said that the two raised waistlines on both rear sides are intended to highlight the sense of power of the rear-wheel drive. But I feel that the extent of the rise is too large and weird, lacking aesthetic.

Q: What about configurations?

A: Apart from the stylish digital display and control system, the most impressive one goes to the new "bounce" function of the X5. This function means that the car can "jump out" when stuck at a bunker. Another impressive one is that the car can automatically reverse at a place that 50 meters away from the parking space, easily dealing with some strange-shaped parking space.

Q: Some media use the expression "The Return of the King" to describe the release of the fourth-generation X5. What’s your comment?

A: Strictly speaking, it is not the return of the king, because the X5 has never left the throne of the luxury medium and large SUV. Since its launching in 1999, the X5 has made over 2.2 million units’ global sales, while its old rival, Mercedes-Benz GLE/ML series, which was released two years earlier than the X5, only has cumulative sales of 2 million units. In China, the X5 is even far ahead of its competitors. On the basis of the "ultimate driving machine", the design of the new X5 is unprecedentedly luxurious. Maybe keeping the throne is not a problem for it. We cannot call it “the return of the king”, but “the evolution of the king” and “the continuation of the king”. Perhaps, the only uncertainty is the high tariffs, which will have a corresponding impact on its price and sales. It is unfortunate for X5, so is Mercedes-Benz GLE.

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