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New BMW X5 will Made-in-China, electric version also available

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-10-12 19:54:04

On October 11, 2018, the BMW Group announced that it will acquire part of the equity of BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) for EUR 3.6 billion, intending to increase its stake in BBA from 50 percent to 75 percent and becoming the first foreign company that benefit from phasing out share-holding limits for foreign investors in auto manufacturing sector. At the same time, the BMW Group announced together with its partner Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. (CBA) the early extension of the joint venture contract and the further deepening of the existing successful collaboration. The extended contract is valid for 22 years (from 2018 to 2040).

IIA learned from CBA that, in addition to the equity transfer, the agreement also pointed out that BBA plans to launch a new generation of BMW X5 and its electric version in 2020.

The latest news shows that after considering the changes in regulatory policies and the uncertainties caused by the future cooperation of the existing joint venture partners, in order to continue the sustainable development of the BMW Group, maintain its stability and participate in the long-term development of Chinese luxury automotive industry, CBA, with the Chinese government’s support, reached an agreement with BMW on the sale, the introduction of new BMW products and other strategic investments by the BBA, and the extension of the joint venture contract until 2040.

On April 18, the National Development and Reform Commission announced that after the five-year transition period, all share-holding limits in the auto industry will be removed. For example, in 2018, limits for special vehicles and new energy vehicles will be scrapped. Those for commercial vehicles will be lifted in 2020. Those for passenger vehicles will be removed in 2022, and the restrictions on no more than two joint ventures will be cancelled. The BMW acquisition of BBA will be completed by 2022, catching up with the time limit for policy cancellation.

The new BMW X5 and its electric version will be made in China

In the framework agreement, we can see that the BMW X5, which has been introducing to the domestic market through import channels, is expected to be made in China in 2022, including its electric version. As a pioneer in the field of SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle), the BMW X5 was born in 1999 and has sold more than 2.2 million units worldwide. Previously, its new model has been officially released. The new BMW X5 is based on the CLAR platform. Although body size has increased a lot compared to the previous generation, the weight has been reduced.

Details of the new BMW X5

The new generation BMW X5 adopts the latest family design style. The front face boasts a bigger straight waterfall type “double kidney” grille with laser headlights on both sides. The lower bumper adopts a new three-stage design with an ACC probe set in the center and two long strips of fog lights on both sides.

The new car has a slender and sleek design, and the body lines are sturdy and tight, creating a muscular look. Moreover, mating with large-size sports wheels, the coordinated overall proportion is presented. The new car is also equipped with M sports suits. The new car is 4922mm in length, 2004mm in width and 1745mm in height, while its wheelbase stands at 2,975mm. Compared with the previous model, the length, width and wheelbase have increased by 13mm, 66mm and 42mm respectively, but the height decreased.

The redesigned rear end of the new BMW X5 is more three-dimensional, and the horizontal ring lights are eye-catching. The roof is equipped with a “shark fin” antenna, and the rear window is equipped with a spoiler to extend the roof line. At the bottom of the two sides, the double-sided four-exhaust exhaust manifolds are mated with silvery guards to create a sporty atmosphere.

The new BMW X5 overall interior is more luxurious, with a variety of materials such as leather, wood and chrome trim adopted. Meanwhile, the panoramic sunroof has a larger size, an increase of 30%. The center console adopts an embracing design, and the central large-size floating display matched with a new LCD dashboard bringing in a highly sense of technology. The three-spoke steering wheel is classic in shape and has shift paddles at the rear. The electronic AT change lever incorporates a new crystal material and integrates the new BMW iDrive system and buttons around.

In terms of power, the new BMW X5 will be powered by a 3.0T inline six-cylinder engine and a 4.4T V8 twin-turbo engine. The 3.0T engine has a maximum power of 250kW and a peak torque of 450Nm, while those of the 4.4T engine are 340kW and 650Nm. For the transmission system, it is matched with an 8-speed AT with xDrive 4WD system and electronic-limited slip differential.

The new car will also offer a plug-in hybrid version, BMW X5 xDrive45e iPerformance, with nearly 80 kilometers cruising range, 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers fuel consumption, and 5.6 seconds acceleration time of from 0-100km/h. In addition, in the context of BMW's promotion of NEVs, the new BMW X5 pure electric version will also be made in China.

Editor:Zhang Meng