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JMC’s statement: no infringement dispute with JLR

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-03-28 11:41:59

On March 22, JLR won the case after it sued LAND WIND for three years on infringement. IIA learned from the JMC official that the company issued a statement on the false information on the Internet recently, and clarified the rumor that JMC did not have an infringement dispute with JLR Co., Ltd.

According to the statement, JMC has a number of advanced titles such as National High-tech Enterprise and National Innovative Pilot Enterprise, and has completed registration of several trademarks. LAND WIND X7 is not a model of JMC Co., Ltd. And JMC and JLR Co., Ltd. have not had any infringement dispute cases.

On March 22nd, JLR said that the Beijing Chaoyang District Court ruled that the design of five models of the LAND WIND X7 was directly copied from the design of Range Rover Aurora, causing confusion among consumers. According to the court's judgment, the production, sales and marketing of the LAND WIND X7 car should be stopped immediately.

Editor:Yu Chang