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All new MG ZS to hit the market today

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-10-17 10:41:45

The MG ZS first entered the market in March 2017. During the 2019 Chengdu Motor Show, the new facelift MG ZS made its debut. On October 17, IIA learned from the SAIC MG, the new MG ZS will be officially launched today. The car is fully "blackened" based on the E-motion design. It is powered by a 1.3T dual-jet turbocharged engine, and is equipped with the MG PILOT L2+ automatic driving system and the latest Banma 3.0 system based on AliOS.

The new MG ZS uses a blackened sports kit including a black matrix grille, full LED silver headlights, fog lights, wheel hubs and more. The octagonal grille of the new car has a more strong inverted shape, which further reduces the front center of gravity. The newly designed full LED headlights are completely separated from the grille.

The new MG ZS interior adopts a new red and black color with higher vividness. The fully upgraded large-area soft leather covers the interior, and the special texture and stitching enhance the texture. In addition, the new car has canceled the traditional handbrake, and the center console has a new sports handle on the side of the co-pilot, which highlights the personality and sports characteristics.

The new car is equipped with SAIC-Alibaba's latest Banma 3.0 system. It boasts functions including remote control, bilingual voice control, smart fueling, smart parking. It also has full access to Ele.me, a professional O2O catering and food delivery platform, and other applications that are able to order food and coffee.

The new MG ZS is powered by a 1.3T dual-jet turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 163 hp and a peak torque of 230 Nm. The engine is matched with the latest generation Aisin 6AT gearbox. The acceleration time from 0 to 100km/h is only 8.51 seconds, and the stopping distance is 36.9 meters.

In addition, the new car is equipped with MG PILOT L2+ intelligent driving assistance system, with a full set of Bosch overall solutions (millimeter wave radar and camera), integrated with ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), LDW (Lane Departure Warning), AEB-Cyclist and other driver assistance Features, as well as L2-level partial autopilot technology, including TJA (Traffic Jam Assist) traffic congestion assistance and ICA (Integrated Cruise Assist), meeting 385 kinds of complex road conditions and enabling autopilot in multiple scenarios.

Editor:Wu Yin