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200 NIO Houses and NIO Spaces will open by 2020

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-01-19 14:09:04

At the channel strategy communication meeting held by NIO, Wei Jian, vice president of NIO User Operations, shared the latest results and future plans of the channel layout. It is reported that, up to now, NIO has opened 22 NIO Houses and 55 NIO Spaces in 57 cities. The automaker plans to expand the total from about 77 to around 200 by the end of 2020.

The positioning of NIO House and NIO Space is different. NIO House is a flagship brand space wholly-owned by NIO. The original intention is to enhance brand influence, allow people to experience the brand, understand the user experience, and have seven core functions. The construction of NIO Space started in mid-2019, partly built and operated by NIO, and partly built by partners with rich experience in the automotive industry, mainly as a brand sales space.

In this way, users who are interested in the product do not have to go to the NIO House in the core city, and can experience NIO products in a more convenient location. NIO Space is usually less than 200 square meters, with an average cost of less than 1 million. It can be quickly rolled out and has higher cost-effectiveness and service scope.

Regarding the layout of NIO House, previously, Li Bin, chairman, founder and CEO of NIO, stated in the company's third quarter financial report: "In the second half of 2019, we will further expand our sales by exploring more efficient NIO Space network. The move to increase NIO Space will help us effectively increase the number of sales outlets in a more efficient manner, and continue to increase the number of orders. "

It can be seen that the automaker attaches great importance to the development of NIO House and NIO Space. It is reported that 7 NIO Spaces opened simultaneously on January 18. In the future, NIO will also build NIO Space in more cities at a faster speed, which will play a positive role in promoting NIO sales.

Editor:Liu Nan