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Hummer pure electric pickup will use renewable energy

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-04-22 15:27:19

As mentioned in previous reports, GM intends to produce Hummer electric pickups. Recently, IIA learned from overseas media that the upcoming Hummer electric pickups will use renewable energy, which will undoubtedly greatly reduce production costs.

This news comes from GM's joint energy partner DTE. It is reported that it has invested the largest renewable energy investment in Michigan so far. Hummer electric pickups will be one of its future revenue targets.

After the GM and DTE cooperation projects receive investment, the solar power generation capacity will be increased to 500,000 MWh; GM plants in Detroit will all use renewable energy for production, and also include Orion and Han Trek Automobile assembly plant, GM Global Technology Center, Michigan's main testing ground, etc.

The Orion plant will be the production base for the Chevrolet Bolt pure electric models, and the Hantrik plant will start production of future Hummer electric pickups. GM's Chief Sustainability Officer Dane Parker said that this collaboration will not only reduce the factory's carbon emissions in the short term, but also help promote the promotion of electric vehicles. Including the charging station for electric vehicles in the workplace, the electrical energy used comes from the green energy grid.

Editor:Wang Tianyi