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WEY VV7 GT Brabus design sketch exposed, will be available in May

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-04-27 13:54:24

VV7 GT is a coupe SUV under the WEY brand. A few days ago, IIA obtained a set of WEY brand VV7 GT Brabus | automotive design sketches. It is reported that this model was jointly created by the WEY brand and Brabus and is expected to be launched at the end of May.

According to the exposed design sketches, the VV7 GT Brabus version is based on the ordinary version of the model, and has added a number of Brabus exclusive designs. The front face is shaped like a knight armor, a segmented lower spoiler, a widened wheel eyebrow, and red calipers All further demonstrate the car's impressive performance. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a newly designed 21-inch aluminum alloy wheels, coupled with high-performance Continental 265 wide tires, which can provide a stronger grip.

In terms of the rear of the car, the new car adopts a straight through obsidian crystal taillight to create a wider visual impact. The lower bumper design is exaggerated and three-dimensional, with a polygonal double-sided exhaust pipe. As for the power, it has not yet revealed more information, and IIA will also continue to pay attention to the relevant reports.

Editor:Hou Minghao