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Dongfeng deepen cooperation with CATL to boost high-quality development of NEV

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-06-17 14:59:38

IIA learned from Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. that Dongfeng and CATL have signed a framework agreement on deepening strategic cooperation. The two parties will further deepen strategic cooperation to jointly improve the ecology of China's new energy vehicle industry and contribute to the high-quality development of China's new energy vehicle industry.

In addition to the above framework agreement, Dongfeng's Zhixin Technology, Dongfeng Changxing, and Dongfeng Hongtai have also signed a number of sub-agreements with CATL and its Guangdong Bangpu.

For the deepened cooperation between the two parties, Li Shaozhu, general manager of Dongfeng Company, said: "In recent years, Dongfeng Company and CATL have joined hands to establish a strategic cooperative relationship, from the establishment of a joint venture company, to the research and development, production and sales of power battery systems, to the joint development of Dongfeng's independent new Energy vehicle battery system, the field of cooperation continues to expand, and has achieved fruitful cooperation results. Dongfeng Company and CATL have a good strategic cooperation foundation, facing the future development, the two parties will consolidate and expand in the fields of joint venture cooperation, joint development, and joint construction of an ecosystem The results of cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages, and further deepen strategic cooperation."

In addition, the chairman of CATL, Zeng Yuqun said: "In the future, the two parties will work more closely to develop more new energy ecosystem technologies, open more services, and develop better products. CATL will provide Dongfeng in new energy vehicles, battery recycling, intelligent Businesses in the fields of data, future R&D of new technologies, etc. are better served."

In 2016, Dongfeng Company joined hands with CATL and signed the first strategic cooperation agreement in Wuhan, which laid a solid foundation for win-win cooperation in the field of new energy.

In 2018, CATL's first domestic fast-charging and long-life battery built specifically for operating vehicles achieved its first mass production application on Dongfeng models. Over the past five years of cooperation, the two parties have successively launched a number of products that meet the actual needs of the market, and are widely used in Dongfeng's own NEVs such as AEOLUS Yixuan EV, AEOLUS E70, Venucia D60EV, and Venucia T60EV, bringing new solutions to the market.

Editor:Wu Yin