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What does WEY VV7 GT Barbus mean for Chinese brands?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-07-02 16:56:07

Brabus, a car modification brand that sounds out of reach, many people's first reaction to it will be Mercedes-Benz's various performance models. Indeed, as a Mercedes-Benz car modification factory, Brabus modified many eye-catching appearance and high-performance Mercedes-Benz cars. It is a symbol of identity, the ultimate goal of high-end modification players, and it is unique. So, what kind of spark will "Brabus+GWM" make?

At last year's Geneva Motor Show, Great Wall Motor (GWM) and German Brabus Automobile Company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties will start cooperation in the research and development of powertrain, interior and exterior design, and vehicle tuning. And will launch WEY limited edition, annual version models and customized versions of high-end models.

In fact, before officially signing the agreement, GWM and Brabus jointly launched the WEY RS7 at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, which received a high degree of attention. Many people are amazed by the new car's face value, but more shocked by the Great Wall Motor's hand in hand with Brabus, because this is Brabus' first cooperation with a Chinese brand.


After the successful test, the two sides began further cooperation, so there was the scene of the GWM Chairman Wei Jianjun at the Geneva Motor Show, Brabus Motor Chairman Constantin Buschmann and Brabus Motor Co-Chairman and CEO Christian Draser. Over time, the first production car VV7 GT brabus | automotive (VV7 GT Brabus) finally surfaced on July 2.

Qiao Xinyu, Deputy General Manager of WEY Brand Marketing: With the start of the cooperation between the WEY brand and Barbus, WEY will benefit more consumers with more high-end products and service experience, making WEY more international.

Differences compared to the normal version of VV7 GT

The appearance of VV7 GT Brabus basically continues the design of the ordinary version of VV7 GT, but it has been adjusted for many details, and the visual effects presented are also very different. The car adopts the front design of the knight armor, and a three-dimensional sharp curve line is added under the headlights, bringing a visual impact with tension.

The sloping back shape on the side of the body is more obvious. The front and rear wheel eyebrows have also been widened to look more three-dimensional and full. The 21-inch blackened wheels with red brake calipers create a stronger sports atmosphere. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the VV7 GT Brabus are 4,825mm, 1,964mm, and 1,672mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2,950mm. Compared with the ordinary version of the VV7 GT, the size is further optimized.

The tail change is the biggest. In addition to adding a spoiler, the taillights are upgraded to new through-type obsidian crystal taillights, which further improves the recognition of the vehicle; the fog lamp spoiler and rear diffuser are made of carbon fiber material, which brings excellent Lightweight properties and aerodynamic properties. At the same time, the new car has changed from the two-sided circular tail row of the ordinary version to the triangular-shaped tail row of two sides, which looks more distinctive.

The upgrade of the interior is mainly reflected in the workmanship and materials. The overall color matching is mainly black and red. The door panels, the main/auxiliary dashboard and other parts have been processed with red manual stitching, and the air outlets are made of black chrome plating. , To enhance the overall visual beauty in the car, very careful in handling details.

In terms of seat design, the new car is equipped with ergonomic customized racing seats, and the integrated headrest brings a rich luxury sports atmosphere. In addition, the seat back has also added a Brabus exclusive logo, highlighting its customized identity. In the configuration section, the new car is equipped with luxurious intelligent configurations such as a panoramic sunroof, 64-color ambient lights, 12-way electric adjustment of the seats, and a 12.3-inch central control screen.

IIA's viewpoint:

There is no doubt that after the customized upgrade of Brabus, this special VV7 GT retains the essence of the WEY brand design while exerting a sense of luxury to the extreme. The design style that is publicized and full of connotation is very suitable for the current mainstream aesthetics. In addition, although the official has not yet announced the relevant power information, but from the previous publicity point of view, the power part is not the focus of the new car, but also left some suspense for consumers.

Therefore, I have to admit that, unlike most Brabus customized models, the VV7 GT Brabus is mainly upgraded in appearance and interior design. Instead of being a customized version, it is actually a sports kit. Describe it more appropriately. But don't worry, maybe this is just the beginning. As the cooperation between the two parties deepens, there will be real performance cars waiting for you. The VV7 GT Brabus will be officially launched on July 16, and all mysteries about the new car will also be revealed.

It can be said that the "marriage" of WEY and Brabus brands is of great significance. For WEY brands, this is a further deepening of the Great Wall WEY's "going abroad" strategy; for all Chinese brands, it has the role of leading Chinese luxury brands upward Breakthrough and match the profound significance of world brands. I look forward to the emergence of more "VV7 GT Brabus" in Chinese brands in the future. We are committed to making national brands into world brands.

Editor:Zhang Xiao